A Letter To My Younger Self

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dear little Liv,
I hate to start with disappointing news but the music career hasn't quite taken off yet so, despite the hours of belting out all the songs from Camp Rock and High School Musical, you won't end up being best friends with Beyonce or hear your own songs on the radio.
This also goes for the prospective acting career too. Your leading role as Mary in the nativity is still your only performance to date so unfortunately, you won't be cast in any Hollywood movies any time soon.

Just to let you know we're not sporty either. Not in the slightest. You may think you're good at netball because you're tall but coming 2nd in the egg and spoon race on sports day is your only sporting achievement to date (and probably always will be).
It's okay to not follow a crowd. While everyone else was off making daisy chains and doing handstands on the field, you were spending your break times pretending you were in Doctor Who episodes, but that's totally cool. Well maybe not cool but cute I suppose.

Make sure to appreciate the time when your biggest worry in life is practising for your four letter word spelling tests because OH BOY have you got a storm of stress and worry ahead. We also learn responsibility other than collecting and ringing the bell that marks the end of play time, even though it makes you think you're the bees knees.
You probably shouldn't spend your whole primary school life trying to get your gooey alien pregnant; it never happens and you still can't do long division so try to pay more attention in Maths.

Also, keep on reading even though it's seen as uncool because reading every single Jacqueline Wilson book might come in handy one day. 
I'd advise you not to join social media so soon because you'll just regret the selfie poses and frankly, your Facebook statuses are embarrassing. Give it a bit more time.

DO NOT PLUCK YOUR EYEBROWS. Especially not a few days before school photo day because that picture will haunt you forever and be the focal point for banter in years to come. Mum and Dad might say your micro brows look fine but it's a bare faced lie. Whilst we're on the subject, don't cut your own hair either. Just because you cut all the hair off your Bratz and Barbie dolls doesn't mean you're a qualified hairdresser so giving yourself a trim is a very bad idea.

Now, we have to talk about your fashion sense..... or more specifically your lack of fashion sense. It's questionable. Please stop allowing Mum to buy you fur boots. Protest, refuse, do anything. She might love them and think you look adorable but they're pretty hideous. 

 As I'm writing this it's recently been announced that Club Penguin will be closing on 29th March 2017; your 17th birthday. I know that at the age of 6 the thought of there being no Club Penguin is devastating, I really hate to break your little heart. So I guess my advice would be to carry on playing it every single day and carry on spending all your money on membership because what better things to spend your money on than those penguin accessories.

The inevitable emo phase hit you pretty early on but thankfully there isn't any photo evidence. At the age of 10, the sudden obsession with anything with a skull on it, rock bands and wearing the colour black was a confusing time for you. You do outgrow it and start liking pretty girly things and doing your hair and wearing too much mascara, which Mum loves.

The transition from watching Disney Channel to watching MTV was strange too. You go from watching That's So Raven, Lizzie Mcguire and The Wizards of Waverly Place to spending your mornings glued to MTV cribs, My Sweet 16 and Pimp My Ride. Just a small contrast. 

Some things don't change though. We still love potato smiley faces and watching the occasional Drake and Josh episode when nobody is looking. We even listen to S club 7 and the Jonas Brothers from time to time because, let's be real, burnin up will always be a good song. 

L x

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