February Favourites 2017

Friday, 3 March 2017

I actually can't believe it's March already. January dragged SOOO much but then February literally felt like a week long. Despite it absolutely whizzing passed I had quite a few monthly loves that I wanted to share. 

I've been non-stop raving about this cleanser to people since I used it last month because OMGG is it amazing! It's the easiest thing I've used to clean my makeup brushes and that's why I love it so much. You only need a small amount of the gel but it brings out all the makeup from the brush straight away. It makes the chore of washing my makeup brushes so much faster and so much easier and I don't think they've ever been so clean. I used to think that brush cleansers were so unnecessary because soap/washing up liquid worked well enough but now I don't think I'd use anything else.

I always have a hard time letting go of Christmas so having this gingerbread-scented handcream is kind of like a little bit of Christmas to hold onto. Besides it smelling like gingerbread and reminding me of my fave time of year, it's such a nice handcream. Unlike other creams I've used, it's not greasy or sticky once I've used it but instead leaves my hands feeling so soft and moisturised. I love that all of Zoe's products have the cutest packaging too, this one is definitely one of my faves. I always appreciate nice packaging because I think it says a lot about what the product will be like and in this case the nice packaging is a reflection of how good the product is.

This was a Christmas gift but I didn't actually get round to using it until last month (is it just me or does anyone else leave all their gifts in a pile that doesn't seem to get sorted out for months?) My Nan definitely picked a good one here. It has the nicest smell of almonds and vanilla and it's one of those creams that's strong enough that you can still smell once you're out of the shower which I love. It lathers in water so it can be used for shaving or just as a shower cream. It does exactly what it says it should; it's so moisturising and leaves my skin feeling super soft too.

I've been reaching for dry shampoo more than usual this month because for some reason my hair has been so flat and lifeless. Whether you're using it because you've skipped a shampoo or if you just want more volume, I think that dry shampoo is a must-have. I've tried quite a few other branded dry shampoos but Batiste is the one I keep coming back too because it doesn't leave my hair feeling stiff. I normally use the original scent but I'm so glad I picked this one up for a change because the smell is gorgeous. It's coconut but it's not too strong and it reminds me of beach days in the Summer which makes me look forward to Summer.

I am SO obsessed with this water and it's become a key part of my skincare routine. I use it mainly to remove my makeup and it's particularly good at removing eye makeup. I have really sensitive skin so I'm very cautious when it comes to products I use on my skin but this has caused me no problems at all. It hasn't irritated it, it doesn't dry it out, and it doesn't make my skin burn either. I find that it's such a simple way to take off my makeup and it's so much better than using a makeup wipe that would dry out your skin and wouldn't completely remove all the makeup. I just use a little bit on a cotton pad and it takes my makeup off so quickly but also really thoroughly.  

So the only makeup product I tried last month was this Soap and Glory lip gloss. Usually I can't stand lip glosses and prefer matte lip products but I actually really like this one. I use the shade 'Doughnut' which is a really light natural nude shade. To be honest it's not a high pigmented gloss but it's still a pretty gloss nonetheless. It's also not too sticky so there's a lower risk of your hair getting caught in your face (one of the main reasons I often stay clear of glosses). It's meant to have lip plumping properties too but I haven't really noticed that it makes much of a difference although it does make your lips tingle so it must do something. 

I've been using this fragrance a lot more recently and it's reminded me how much I love it. I've used the Vera Wang Rock Princess perfume in the past and I really liked the scent so they're a label I feel like I can trust. It's different to fragrances I'm usually drawn to as it's quite sweet but it's not too sickly sweet. Also, the packaging is super fancy with decorative mesh ribbon which I think is a really nice touch. It's kind of hard to recommend perfumes because everyone's preferences are different so until smellovision is invented you'll have to give it a try yourself.

So the last product that I thought was worth mentioning was this setting brush. I've been going back to basics more recently and using brushes as opposed to makeup sponges and one that I bought and loved last month was this setting brush. I've been using it to blend concealer under my eyes and around my nose and I can honestly say it blends so well; maybe even better than a sponge. It's also the perfect shape and size for blending under the eyes which makes it a lot easier and faster to do my makeup. 

Pretty Little Liars
So I know it's not a tangible product but it's something I've been completely obsessed with. I'm a bit late to the PLL party; everyone I know had been raving about it so I watched the first episode all the way back in June of last year but didn't really love it so just forgot about it. Then in January I was searching through Netflix trying to find a new series to binge watch, because I'd caught up on Grey's Anatomy, and decided to give it another go. 3 seasons in and I'm hooked. I love the plot and the characters sooo much. I feel like everybody watches it but if you haven't already, you NEED to give it a go.

Which things were you loving in February?

Liv x

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