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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

If you follow my Instagram you'll know from the endless cat photos that I have a kitten called Lola. She's a 7 month old tabby cat who came into my life in September. The story of how we came to meet is quite sweet; she was a total surprise. My family knew how much I loved cats and how I spent way too much time pinning pictures of them to a whole Pinterest board dedicated to them. I remember the day well, I'd been in my room having a sing along (alone might I add) to Drake blasting through my speakers. Unbeknownst to me, my sister and her friend were downstairs with the little ball of fur. 

She was originally called Nala but I always said that if I had a cat I'd call it Lola, so we changed it. She's the best company and follows me around the house like a shadow. Her crazy personality never fails to make me laugh so I wanted to do a little profile of her to look back in years to come and see how much she's changed. 

Lola Loves
  • Playing Fetch With Her Tiny Pink Socks- Mum bought them for her to wear but she thinks she's a dog so plays fetch with them instead.
  • The Sink- For some reason every time someone turns the tap on she races from wherever she is in the house to play in it.
  • Dreamies- Have you seen the advert where the owner shakes the bag of dreamies and the cat comes flying through the wall? That's pretty much how much Lola loves them too.
  • Being A Diva- Whenever she doesn't get her own way she struts around the house until someone eventually gives into her. 
  • Climbing the tops of doors- She treats the kitchen like a total wipeout assult course and jumps from the microwave onto the door.
  • Chewing Bobby Pins
  • Mayonnaise (I know, so weird)
  • Snooker- Whenever my dad is watching the snooker she sits by the Tv staring at the screen and tries to chase the balls.
Lola Hates
  • Bin Bags- I don't know why but she's absolutely terrified of the things.
  • Hairdryers- As soon as the hairdryer comes on BAM she goes crazy sprinting around the room with her ears pinned back and her eyes looking like they'll pop out of her head.
  • Shouting- This is a bit of a strange one but if anyone shouts for someone or sings loudly she runs to you purring and rubs her head against you as if to say stop. Anyone know why?

We haven't let her out properly yet, other than having a explore around the garden, and we think we might keep her as a house cat. She's such a needy cat and often meows outside the door as soon as anyone goes to the toilet. I wouldn't have her any other way though; she's the best cat in the world (slightly biased).

Liv x

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