Misty Walks In Rhossili

Thursday, 2 March 2017

I know quite a few people who always say they hate living in Swansea and that there's nothing going on and it's boring. It's even described as a "pretty shitty city" in the film Twin Town. Having lived here all my life I've grown to love it and it's actually a really special place to me. It kind of suits everyone too; you've got the beach, city and the countryside. One of my favourite spots to go for walks is Rhossili beach in the Gower as it's a perfect place for taking photos whether it's sunny or (more typically) rainy and is such a calm and soothing place to visit.

It was absolutely freezing on the day we went and it was so misty you can barely see worms head (that's the big worm looking island thingy in the distance in the photo below). It's such a peaceful place to be and it's like a different world compared to Swansea city centre. In a strange way it feels like you're on the set of Emmerdale being surrounded by the miles of green fields and all the sheep. To me it's the stereotypical picture of what people imagine Wales looks like and it's the proper Gower countryside but you've got the beach too. 

We didn't end up walking on the beach this time and stuck to the path along the cliffs but it was still a really nice stroll; it's times like this that I wish I had a dog to take out on walks. Rhossili is definitely one of those places you can go to relax, clear your head and forget about any worries because it's just so serene and tranquil. It's on the 'Best Beaches In The UK' list and is a huge tourist attraction and I can totally see why. In the summer the views are incredible and it's the perfect spot for summer days out. I just wish the weather had perked up for these photos but I think the fog is quite a nice effect.

Liv x

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