New Makeup Discovery: Makeup Obsession Palette

Monday, 6 March 2017

 I'm so excited to share this Makeup Obsession palette as it's something I've been quite obsessed with lately. It was meant to be a gift for my Birthday (which is the end of this month) from my sister, but she decided to give it to me early. I'd never heard of this makeup brand before but it's owned by Tam Beauty, who also own Makeup Revolution. Predominantly sold in boots, they offer bespoke palettes that you can individually create to suit your own personal taste. Although bespoke cosmetics have been around for a while they're usually made by the likes of MAC and Bobbi Brown and cost an arm and a leg. Just like Makeup Revolution makeup products, they're long lasting, highly pigmented and are such good quality for money.

The process is so easy; first you pick your palette size, then you pick the contents. You can choose from so many different eyeshadows, contour powders and creams, highlighters, blushes and lip colours.

My Shades:
  • Highlight H103 Bronze
  • Contour Powder C104 Medium
  • Eyeshadow E109 Champagne
  • Eyeshadow E113 Daze
  • Eyeshadow E142 Ibiza
  • Lip L116 Toffee

The prices are what amaze me. They're such good quality and have really good pigmentation but the prices are rock bottom. You buy each of the parts separately and can change them whenever you want to. The eyeshadows are £2 each, the contour is £3, highlighters are £3, blush is £3 and lip colours are £2. The palettes themselves are what cost a little bit more money. Medium palettes (holds 6) cost £4 and Large palettes (holds 8) cost £8. It's such a bargain.

Another feature that I thought was really cool is that at the Boots counter you can request for the metallic palettes to be laser engraved. You can't really see in the photos but mine says 'Happy Birthday Olivia'. I think that's such a nice personal touch which would make great gifts for people. 

I absolutely love the packaging and design too; the stars embossed on the powders are so pretty and the mirror is a good size that you don't get in a lot of affordable palettes. I like how simple it all is, the pods pop in and out really easily and I love that you're able to create your own signature palette with colours that best suit you.

Have you tried this makeup brand before? What are your thoughts?

Liv x 


  1. This is such a cool idea! Really affordable too, I may have to try these! Lovely post! Chloe xxx

    1. I would definitely recommend that you do! Thankyou lovely xx


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