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Friday, 24 March 2017

As I'm writing this I'm sat by my window looking out at the dreary weather outside; it's dark, bucketing down with rain, and the wind is whistling non-stop. Amid this typical Welsh weather, I've been thinking about how Spring is fast approaching. Although today's setting couldn't be any further away from "Spring vibes" I thought I'd share all the things I love about the upcoming season.
As much as I'm an Autumn/Winter girl at heart, I've actually learnt to love Spring in recent years too. Longer days, lighter evenings and the sunny weather beginning to creep in. It's such an uplifting time of year that you can really throw yourself into. It's fun to fully embrace the it; pastel colours, bright yellow daffodils and of course, most importantly, mini eggs.

When I hear the word Spring I instantly think of flowers; more specifically daffodils. They're one of my favourite flowers and they always make an appearance around my house this time of year. I'm a strong believer that something as small as flowers can brighten your mood so a bunch of these is sure to do the job. Every time I see them I'm instantly reminded of being dressed in my very itchy Welsh Costume for Saint David's day in Primary school, with a Daffodil proudly pinned on my chest. Embarrassingly, when I was younger I thought that Daffodils only existed in Wales. I can confirm that they're actually an international flower and I apologise to anyone who believed me when I thought I was being clever by spreading that "fact". 

Spring is also a time for food (no different to any other time of year really) and it's when I do more baking. Pinterest seems to be a portal into the never ending amounts of Easter baking recipes and cute cupcake ideas. The shredded wheat chocolate nests are an annual tradition but this year I'm planning to broaden my horizons by trying some new recipes.

I think the change of a season is a great opportunity to change up your makeup too. For Spring, I picture softer eyeshadow looks with nude lipsticks and plenty of glowy highlight. Youtube is full of different videos for makeup and fashion inspiration this time of year and I always find my self endlessly watching lookbooks for ideas.

Fashion also springs to mind (pun intended). It's fun to play around with different styles and I'm always intrigued to see the new trends and what people are wearingThe cute floral prints make an appearance while the all black outfits are put on hold (only for a short while though). I'm always eager to start wearing sunglasses at any chance I can too so whenever there's even a teeny tiny glimpse of sun I bring them out straight away.  

Are you looking forward to Spring? What are your favourite things about this time of year? Or are you more of an Autumn/Winter person?

Liv x

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