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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I think we can all agree that your base is probably the most important step in your makeup routine. It's the starting point on your blank canvas, the groundwork for your building structure, and how the rest of your face turns out depends on this vital first step. I definitely think that taking a little extra time on your base will make the rest of your makeup come together much nicer.

These are the steps of my base routine:

Step 1: Prime
First things first you need to prep your skin. Moisturising will make for a much smoother surface to work with which will make sure your foundation doesn't latch onto dry patches and look cakey or flakey. I leave my moisturiser a few minutes before I apply foundation otherwise it just slides all over the shop and you don't want that. I haven't found a primer I like yet; I've tried a few but they've broken me out, do you have one you swear by? I think primer is a skippable step though unless you want your makeup to last all day or specifically want to minimise the appearance of your pores.

Step 2: Foundation
This is a key part to any makeup routine and it sets the tone for how the rest of the makeup turns out. I personally prefer matte foundations because I think dewy finishes just make me look shiny and greasy which is not how I aspire to look. Rimmel do some of the best foundations I've tried and they're so affordable too.

Step 3: Concealer
Saying goodbye to redness, dark circles, and spots is just the best. I always use a lighter shade for under my eyes just to really brighten them and my favourite is probably the collection lasting perfection (isn't it everyone's?) The Rimmel wake me up concealer is also a fave and is really good for covering those pesky red blemishes and purple marks. 

Step 4: Powder
I tend to use a translucent or transparent powder to set my base makeup just because I don't want to add too much more coverage, for fear of looking cakey, but instead want to keep everything in place. Like I said, I prefer a matte finish so this Max Factor one is ideal for me. It also smells nice which is an added bonus.

Step 5: Bronze/Highlight
If I'm honest I don't do this step very often; its usually more for the Summer. Probably because I have no idea what I'm doing but also because I hate the feeling of having loads of makeup on my face. If I can be bothered though the Bourjois one or the Seventeen one are the ones I reach for the most. Contour is so alien to me and I know I don't do it right because it just ends up super patchy. Can you tell I'm not a beauty guru? Ahhh what I'd do to have the skills of NikkieTutorials. 

Is your base routine similar?
Liv x


  1. I don't use a primer, for the same reasons HOWEVER the glycolic pads by Nip + Fab are great for minimising pores! I usually sweep one across my face before moisturising! X

    1. I find some primers overpriced and they either don't do anything or break me out. I've never used anything from Nip+Fab but heard really good things!!

  2. i've never bronzed my face before but i'm going to start incorporating bronzer into my everyday makeup routine because in photos, i look ghastly pale. not a nice look x

    1. I do in photos too! A bit of bronzer will fix that xx


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