A Magical Q&A For #HarryPotter20

Monday, 26 June 2017

20 years ago today the Harry Potter world was born. Can you believe that? The first instalment of the phenomenal series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, was released on June 26th 1997. All day I've seen tweets, news segments, blogposts and photos on social media full of people uniting to celebrate the boy who lived.

I myself am a complete potterhead (that's potterhead not pothead) and I'm wholeheartedly obsessed with the entire potter world. As a way to pay homage to my favourite books, films and characters I wanted to do a Q&A all about Harry Potter.

1) What house are you in?
Ravenclaw. When I took the Pottermore quiz I was expecting Gryffindor but actually ended up being lumped in with the wise, witty and outspoken house. I'll happily take that.

2) What's your patronus?
I was really hoping it would be a cat but it's actually an Osprey.

3) Which is your favourite book?

I don't know why but I really loved reading The Chamber of Secrets. I just loved reading parts like the flying car and travelling by floo powder even though it's not my favourite film.

4) Which is your favourite film?

100% Goblet of Fire. It's amazing.

5) If you were at Hogwarts, which class would you like the most?

Probably Transfiguration.

6) Favourite Quotes?

"Happiness can be found in even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light".
"The ones that love us never really leave us".

7) Favourite Weasley?

Fred and George count as one right? I couldn't choose between them.

8) Favourite female character?

Luna Lovegood. She's just so adorable.

9) Favourite male character?

This was hard but probably Sirius Black. 

10) Favourite professor?

As much as I love Mcgonagall, I'd say Proffessor Sprout. One of my favourite scenes is from The Chamber of Secrets in Herbology with the mandrakes.

11) Favourite villain?

I feel like everyone would say this but I think Bellatrix Lestrange. Even though she's completely evil and killed my beloved Sirius Black, I actually find her hilarious.

12) Books or films?

Is this even a question? Obviously the books. So much is left out of the films and the detail just makes the story even more magical.

13) Is there a character you felt differently about in the films?

Yes!! Ginny!! She actually really irritates me in the films and is shown to be so boring but she's so badass in the books.

14) Which character would you be friends with?

Definitely Hermione. Could you imagine how good your grades would be if she was your best friend.

15) If you could bring any character back to life who would it be?

How can I only choose one. Cedric Diggory comes to mind because the way he died was just awful.

16) Which of the three Hallows would you most want to own?

The invisibility cloak. That would be insane.

17) What would your Boggart be?

Spiders. I absolutely hate them. Even the tiny ones.

18) Was Snape bad?

I've debated this so many times, people find this really controversial. I personally think that deep down in the grand scheme of things, he wasn't a bad guy. Of course, he was horrible to Harry and gave him a hard time but he was always looking out for him behind closed doors.

19) Which spell would you want to learn the most?

Lumos because as embarrassing as it is, at 17, I hate the dark.

20) Favourite couple?

I really love Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks.

Liv x


  1. Aw I love this so much, I can't believe the HP franchise is 20! I am still yet to find out my Patronus as the site won't load for me. Maybe this is meant to be as my patronus isn't on there? :D love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. It's mad isn't it!! Oh that's strange, maybe you're too cool for a patronus. Thanks lovely xx

  2. Has it really only been 20 years?! It feels like it's been out for a lot longer! Great post!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Really? I can't believe it was so long ago!!xx

  3. Don't hate me but I NEVER got into Harry Potter at all! :l I feel like i'm missing out as so many people love it!
    Those little figures are super cute too!
    Alice Xx

    1. Once you get into it you'll be obsessed!! I found them really creepy at first but they're quite cute xx

  4. You're going to hate me for saying this... but I've never read or watched any of Harry Potter before!! I don't actually know why not but I still can't believe it's 20 years old!!
    Kate Xx

    1. Kate!!! You need to, the whole series is incredible xx

  5. Great post! I can't quite believe it's been 20 years! xo

    Hanney | www.blogabouthanney.com

  6. Great post! The little figures are well cute too! I wish I did get into Harry Potter for the longest time, I wish I had more time haha! But I'm glad you've got such a great interest and to keep the magic alive!

    With love, Tanya x

  7. I love Harry Potter too! Although, I don't think I could choose a favourite amongst the books :) x

    Velvet Blush

  8. I love your little figures, how cute! I have to admit I've never really taken a huge interest in Harry Potter but I want to as I feel as though I'm missing out! I can't believe it's been 20 years, that's crazy xx

  9. Oh. My. God. I have just got back into blogging and am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I was thinking about posting for the 20th anniversary and what a fantastic thing 20 years of Harry Potter Magic is. I am a ravenclaw/ hufflepuff! Love love love this post. X

  10. We would definitely be friends with Hermoine too!

    A Pair of Ones  Bloglovin


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