Calm Cards For Serenity

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

I'm slightly unsure about how to structure this post to be honest with you. I'm not necessarily reviewing these so I don't actually have a clue where I'm going with this. It'll most likely be too long and rambly either way. I wanted to share these "School of Life Calm Cards For Serenity" with you and was going to just mention them briefly in a May favourites post but thought I'd rather just write an entire post about them. 

I paid £10 for them on Amazon which might seem a bit pricey for some cards with nice pictures and wise words on them, but I really liked them and they stood out to me. I keep telling myself I needed them so I don't feel so 'spend guilty'. I think they'd make the sweetest gift for anyone who loves quirky stationery bits and bobs by the way. I know I definitely fall into that category.

I wasn't really looking for them as such but it was kind of a happy coincidence that I came across them. The idea of having something to keep in my purse that would remind me how to cope in panic/anxious/depressed situations came from a CBT session I had with my therapist not long ago. At first she'd recommended me making it myself; maybe a sketch or phrase on a piece of paper that would keep me grounded and make me think rationally in those frantic moments. Considering that I possess the imagination of a spoon, and frankly can't draw to save my life, I was pretty chuffed when I came across these cards.

They're an assortment of 60 cards that can help you for a multitude of different needs. They've got prompts on anxiety, depression, hopelessness, stress, friendships, and relationships that offer a glimpse of perspective when you've got your unclear head on. I feel like they can be easily adapted to loads of different situations too. They're not hugely specific so can be interpreted and modified for whatever situation you're seeking advice for. I'm a lover of pick me up quotes and I'm always searching Pinterest for them because they can be so thought provoking and change your mindset on things. I just think they're a really handy thing to have on you're shelf and and they've got super cute pictures and patterns on the back too so it's a win win in my eyes. Maybe I'm just a sap for being so delighted by a pack of cards.

What do you think about the idea of serenity cards? I suppose everybody's different so they're not for everyone. What do you find helps you to keep calm?

Liv x


  1. These are really interesting and such a cool concept! I love them. X



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