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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Like many people, I couldn't live without music. That sounds deep but it just wouldn't be possible. It's something that hugely impacts my mood and I listen to it everyday without fail whether that's on my phone, on the radio, or on TV. It's everywhere. It can motivate me, pick me up when I'm feeling low, or can make me feel like I'm singing my heart out to an audience in the O2.

I'm not musically talented in any way shape or form though. I can't sing for toffee and my attempts at learning instruments in the past have been, well, rusty to say the least. 
As I'm sure you'll be able to gather by this list, I have an extremely broad music taste. My spotify library is all over the shop; one day I'm reciting Kanye's raps off by heart, the next I'm having a boogie to Frank Sinatra. Two ends of the spectrum or what. Here are a few of my favourite albums:

1) Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys
I can honestly say there's not one song on this album I dislike. Of course everybody knows florescent adolescent off by heart but 505 has always been my most beloved track. The Arctic Monkeys have, and probably always will be, my favourite band and their music is incredible. They're a band who make music for every emotion possible and in my eyes, Alex Turner is lyrically (and physically) unbeatable. 

2) Graduation by Kanye West
As much as I adore his later albums such as Yeezus and 808's Heartbreak, Graduation is one of Kanye's old-school classics. I first started listening to his music back in 2012 (not advised but I was a mature 12 year old). Back then, I was more into his, some would say, softer and less explicit albums. Graduation is by far my most listened to with songs like I Wonder and Good Life being some of my all time favourite tunes.

3) B'DAY by Beyonce
It's no surprise that one of Beyonce's albums ended up on here is it? I'll never understand how anyone couldn't like her or her music. She's such a goddess. B'day is definitely my fave of Bey's creations; every song is so catchy and makes me wish I could dance. As with my singing abilities, I'm incapable of busting moves. Lemonade is just as catchy and probably would've ended up being on the list but it's not on Spotify (sort it out bey) so I don't listen to it as much as B'DAY.

4) Songs About Jane by Maroon 5
This album has significant sentimental value and holds an intense amount of nostalgia. My mum brought me and my siblings up on Maroon 5 and The Black Eyed Peas so every time I hear a song from this album it makes me think of when we used to dance in the kitchen with the songs on blast belting out every word. She's always been the coolest mum. To this day I know every lyric. We weren't religious as such but Mum made sure we were brought up to know that Adam Levine was extremely sacred.

5) Starboy by The Weeknd
For a solid 3 months this was the only thing I listened to. If I had it on in the car I'd start the album from the beginning every time I made my way through it. Over and over again on repeat. It's the album that fully ignited my love for The Weeknd and will always remain one of my favourite albums. It's one of those rare albums where I love every single song and don't feel the need to press skip because they're all so amazing. 

6) Nothing Was The Same by Drake
This album instantly transports me back to 2014 being on a school trip to France. It's what we listened to non-stop on the bus so it brings back so many memories. It was also the first proper introduction to Drake and was what made me love his music. It was a toss up between Nothing Was The Same and Views though to be honest. Both such good albums but Nothing Was The Same just slightly overtakes it for me. 

7) Everything You've Come To Expect by The Last Shadow Puppets

There's not a lot that's better than Alex Turner, but one thing that comes close is Alex Turner and Miles Kane together. Anyone who loves Arctic Monkeys will know that Alex's band with Miles has a much different vibe to the music than what we're used to. Their sound is so unique but very distinct. They definitely have a style that they stick to and is detectable in every song. I was so chuffed when news broke of them reuniting and working on an album and even more chuffed to finally be able to listen to it following it's release last year. It's just incredible and again, Alex Turners lyrical genius shines through. My most loved songs on the album are probably Miracle Aligner and The Element Of Surprise.

8) The Balcony by Catfish And The Bottlemen
I hadn't actually thought of this one straight away until I listened to it for the first time in YONKS the other day, but it can't go unnoticed. I'll be honest, I don't listen to them as often as I used to, and wouldn't say I'm a die hard Van Mccann fan like some people, but they're a bloody good band and this album was constantly on repeat when I first discovered them. I love when you listen to music that reminds you of certain people or a certain time in your life. This album is 100% one of those and reminds me of being in Year 10 of comprehensive school in 2015 (that's high school for anyone outside of Wales, I don't know why we're the only ones who call it that).

9) Harry Styles by Harry Styles
This is cheating slightly as it only came out last month but that just goes to show how bloody astounding it is. Only been out a month and on my favourite albums list. I never thought I'd ever say that I'm obsessed with Harry Styles or his music but my god I definitely am. And I'm not even ashamed. I won't lie though, I was the one slagging off One Direction talking about how crap they were but even I can admit they had some bangers. I was pretty obsessed with them when they were on X Factor though. I never liked Harry, was always a Liam fan. Anyway, Harry's new album is a complete masterpiece and I love every single song. It's so different to what I was expecting and I love his style (lol get it). Woman, Carolina, and Only Angel are my ultimate faves from the tracklist.

10)  The E.N.D by Black Eyed Peas
This is another one that gives me all the nostalgic feels. I grew up listening to the Black Eyed Peas so every song reminds me of my childhood. Although Elephunk and Monkey Business are their earlier albums, their album The E.N.D is without a doubt my favourite. It's the style of music I instantly think of when I think of BEP. So so good.

What are your favourite albums of all time? 
Liv  x


  1. Great post - I've only listened to one of these albums. Definitely need to listen to some of these they sounds so good.
    Sarah X X

  2. I'm totally with you on Harry Styles' album, it's great! So many great albums on this list and yet some I need to listen to! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I'm so obsessed with it, every song is so good!!


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