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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

My favourite part of doing my makeup has always been mascara. Eyelashes make any look for me and can completely change your face. One thing I've been fortunately blessed with is long eyelashes that are quite curled so I tend to go for fake eyelashes that only really contribute to volume.

Up until recently I hadn't actually tried any lashes by Eyelure because I'm really fussy with how I want them to look and never found any that I was that blown away by. I've tried fake eyelashes from other brands but none are as up to scratch as these ones. They're the Eyelure Volume 101 Lashes that cost £5.39 and they're by far the best lashes I've tried.

They add so much volume to my eyelashes making them look a lot fuller and bigger. I don't like eyelashes that look too bushy or heavy and prefer the ones that are natural but still have an effect on your eyes. These ones tick all the boxes for me. Obviously fake eyelashes are a very personal thing and depend heavily on your individual preferences but if you like natural yet fuller lashes, these are perfect. I love the Duo Strip Lash Glue just because it doesn't feel too sticky but I used the glue that came with them as well and it's just as good. 

Things I Noticed:
  • Lightweight: I hate with some fake eyelashes that feel really heavy and just feel uncomfortable to wear and weigh your eyelids down. Thankfully these aren't like that and although you know you're wearing them it's not uncomfortable.
  • Eyes look bigger: Who wouldn't want bigger eyes? They definitely make your eyes look bigger and more open because of the eyelashes being so fanned out. 
  • No need to cut them: I hate having to make lashes shorter so they fit my eyes because it usually goes wrong and they're either too short or not even so I throw them away. These are meant to be shorter so there's not fuss but obviously everyone's eyes are different sizes and shapes so it depends on your eyes.
  • Contact lens friendly: I've used lashes in the past that just don't work with my eyes because of my contacts. These don't irritate them or make them itchy at all though and sit comfortably without affecting my lenses.
  • Diverse: They're so adaptable for either regular use or special occasions. They don't look over the top for casual everyday use but also don't look underwhelming for if you were going on a night out/event.
  • Long Lasting: Technically this is down to the glue but I thought it was worth mentioning. I wore them from 11am to 7pm a few weeks ago and they showed no signs of budging. They also endured quite a lot of tears and eye rubbing as I was at a funeral so that definitely proves how well they last.
  • Re-useable: If you take good care of them and carefully store them they can be re-used without changing the quality of them. I got 3 uses out of one of my pairs and only threw them away because I had nowhere to put them so they could've easily been used a few more times.

Please ignore my unruly brows, they're due a threading but I've been trying to grow them out but it's stray city at the moment.
Have you used these lashes? If not, which natural lashes do you reccommend?

Liv x


  1. I've recently got into lashes, but I have no idea where to look! These ones look great!They suit you so much!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Superdrug!!! They have so many different brands and lashes for different things like volume/length and stuff xx

  2. I have never tried eyelashes before and I really want to. Might give these a go because I'm like you with being blessed by long, curled eyelashes and these sound perfect. Really enjoyed this post :)

  3. I LOVE the look fake lashes give but my eyes are so sensitive so i unfortunately don't get to wear them often! These look so lovely and natural but give that extra definition!
    Alice Xx

    1. My eyes are really sensitive too (especially when I have hayfever) but I've been lucky with these, it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing them!

  4. Wow these lashes look great! I'm so tempted to try false lashes but I feel as though I would become addicted, just like a have to tanning! I love those eyelash curlers too x

    1. I know what you mean, whenever I don't have them on I feel a bit weird now!! They were from primark, only £1!!

  5. I've only recently been getting into my lashes but these look absolutely stunning on you!
    Great look and post!

    With love, Tanya x

  6. I used to wear lashes quite often when I was younger, I think the novelty just wore off. These particular lashes are so pretty, they are lovely and fluttery!

    Alice May Snell ♡


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