Affordable Glow: Goddess Of Faith Highlighter

Sunday, 27 August 2017

I've never really been someone who enjoys summer. I hate that the whole of Britain turns into a giant roasting tin. IT'S TOO HOT. Summer means I'm sweaty, my skin is an oily mess, hayfever kills me slowly, and not even a fan can save me from the night's heat and help me sleep. Give me cold Autumn weather any day. Thankfully, living in Wales means we don't really see crazy hot summer weather often but when we do it's unbearable.

However, there is one thing I like about having sunny weather and that's packing on the highlight. After seeing so many people talk about these highlighters I thought now was the perfect time. If you didn't know already TAM Beauty own Makeup revolution which is an incredibly affordable makeup brand. I love their products but never got round to testing their highlighters until very recently. This highlighter cost just £4.99 which I think is pretty great.

As I've previously mentioned on my blog I'm not the best with contour or highlight but I do try my best. I don't like plastering my whole face in it though, I want to glow but I don't want to glow in the dark. I was hoping to get the Goddess Of Love highlighter because I'd heard the best reviews about that one but it was out of stock so got Goddess Of Faith instead. It's absolutely stunning though. The packaging is adorable (I like the way products are packaged way too much) and it works like a dream.
It's just the right amount of glow for me. Not too blinding but still super pigmented. It catches the light beautifully and gives an intense highlight without looking too much. It's so lush for the inner corners of your eye and brow bone but looks so pretty on your cheek bones.

Things I Noticed:
  • Not drying: In the past I've used highlighters that cling onto dry patches on my face and just add more texture to my skin which I hate! This one isn't creamy either but it's a smooth powder than doesn't flake away.
  • Pigmented: You literally only need one sweep on a brush and that's enough. The pigment is so amazing. It's really buildable though, if you wanted more of an intense glow you can add more to get it to that level without it looking cakey or dry.
  • Long Lasting: I can't even tell you how well this lasts. It can go a whole day even when it's hot and my makeup melts off my face, it stays put.
  • Fallout: The only negative thing is that even just one sweep does create a lot of fallout product which can get a bit messy. I have to blow on the brush before applying otherwise the glitter effect gets all over the place.
Have you tried this highlighter?
Do you know any other affordable highlighters that are good for summer?

Liv x


  1. I love this highlighter, the packaging is so pretty, but it works so well too! It's mad that it's nearly Autumn, as this year has gone so quickly!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I'm so excited for autumn though! Will probably still be using this highlighter non stop xx

  2. I love the packaging.I'm on the hunt for a new highlighter so I definitely need to look into getting this x

    1. It's honestly amazing, I can't wait to try the other shades in the range xx

  3. The shade is so pretty! I don't know if the shade is best for me, but I have tried the blushes that come in the same packaging and they're of amazing quality as well xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

    1. I know they have quite a few other shades too, they might be better!! I haven't tried the blushers but they look really pretty xx

  4. It looks like a lovely highlighter. I love the packaging! xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  5. The packaging is so pretty and it looks like a great product. I really like the highlighters from the Sleek brand, they're very pigmented. And I prefer Autumn as well! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. I love the sleek ones!! They're such good value for money xx

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