Let's Talk: The First Driving Lesson

Sunday, 22 October 2017

I've had a few driving lessons now and I'm absolutely loving learning to drive. I can't wait until I pass my test, although I have quite a lot to learn before I get there. I still can't quite believe how expensive the whole process is. Thank god I have a job!! Now I'm well into my lessons I thought now I'd be able to write a post about what to expect from your very first lesson which may help to prepare you a little bit more.

Do Your Research
This is crucial. I was looking online for ages at different driving schools in my area before booking my first lesson. Every school is different and some offer more flexibility than others. Some instructors may only offer 2 hour lessons, some might want you to phone instead of email and obviously prices will differ everywhere. Definitely look into price packages or student discounts or other offers. It's good to shop around and explore your options as every instructor offers something slightly different. Research is the best preparation in my opinion. It'll help you to know what to expect if you know your stuff.

Be Organised

Another important one. Make sure you know exactly what time your lesson is and work out times to get up/get ready if it's in the morning like mine was. It's also good to get a good nights sleep beforehand as well as you'll need to be on the ball and ready to absorb all of the new information and skills. Make sure you have everything you need too; you'll most likely need your provisional license and possibly your national insurance number. 

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

I was overthinking this before my first lesson. I didn't want to do anything wrong but that's part of learning; and you're there to learn. Mistakes are the best way to learn but if there's anything you're unsure of then don't be scared of asking. It's what the instructor is there for. Don't be worried about probing them about prices or any of that stuff because at the end of the day you're paying them to help you out. Definitely ask about things you're unsure of because it'll just make things worse for you down the line.

Explain If You're Nervous

It's completely natural to be nervous. Driving is new and there's a lot to take in so it's quite scary. The instructor will probably be able to sense if you're anxious but it's good to explain that you've got beginners jitters. They would've definitely dealt with other nervous students before so try to feel absolutely comfortable enough to explain how you're feeling. They're there to help you. I was so nervous for my first one but once you get into it, you'll start to fell more relaxed and at ease.

From my personal experience, don't put all your eggs in one basket. It's probably not the best idea to book and pay for 10 hours of lessons on your first session. Reason being is that you may come to realise that you want to change instructors because of whatever reason. It's quite common for people to have been with more than one so I'd advise people not to jump the gun when it comes to booking block lessons. There are so many books and apps out there for you to revise from outside of the driving lessons. It's such a good way of advancing your knowledge and helping you pick it up much quicker.

Liv x


  1. I can remember my first driving lesson, I was terrified. As soon as that initial anxiety was done and over with, I could finally start to concentrate!

    Danielle xx

    1. Yeah, once that first one is out of the way it becomes so much easier!


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