Let's Talk: The Perils Of Periods

Monday, 9 October 2017

I've never been one to shy away from talking about "awkward" topics. When it comes to girly chats about periods, boobs and all that fun stuff I have no filter. It's just not a taboo for me. They're the most normal and natural of things about us so I've never fully understood why people think speaking about them is gross. Of course there's a time and a place, I wouldn't bring up my period at the dinner table with family (although I won't lie, I probably have before), but they're very normal things and happen to all us girls. 

PERIODS. Gotta love em, NOT. Just before I start this post properly.....I'll get this out the way:

If you feel weird about those words then this blog just ain't for you because I'm all about sharing thoughts on those lovely things. Say it how it is. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

I'm fairly certain that all girls hate periods. I'd be extremely shocked if I ever heard someone say they enjoy having a period. They're the worst. As someone who suffers with really painful period cramps, I know first hand that they can be a nightmare. I've planned to write a post about periods for a long time just because I know most of my blog readers are girls around the same age as me so I know it's something people reading will relate to.

So, the first thing I really wanted to mention in this post is Betty Box Collective. The only thing I'd seen was their instagram before they contacted me so I didn't know a whole lot about what they do. They very nicely offered to send me a free PR sample of their monthly subscription box and after a little research into what they do, I jumped at the chance. I don't usually speak about a lot of things I'm sent or contacted about but this really is something I'm interested in so wanted to do a mini review. 
Basically, it's a monthly subscription (a bit like birchbox) where you're sent a few different gifts, sweets and bits and bobs including pads or tampons. You're able to pick your sanitary product preferences and when you'd like to receive the box too, which I think is one of the best things about what they do. And for £12.99, I think it's an amazing idea. They're website is so cool too (the tampon cursor is great) and they have so many different articles and pages for advice for teenage girls about all sorts of things. Periods, relationships and other issues. They recently did one about panic attacks which was brilliant and one all about feminism too. I love that they strive to normalise the conversations about periods and other girl issues. 
They sent me the cutest little package with some stationery bits, chocolates and beauty products. Not to mention a lifetime supply of tampons and pads. I was very excited to receive that delivery, so a huge thank you to Betty Box.
You can get more info at:

Ways To Survive Your Period
  • Eat all the Chocolate: I know you shouldn't but I always use my period as an excuse to indulge on chocolate. I don't care what anyone says, it's just as effective as a paracetamol.
  • Drink Buckets of Tea: Another must. There's nothing I love more than being tucked up on the sofa in my dressing gown, blanket and a huge mug of tea. It's one of the only perks of having the time of the month.
  • Go Walking: Now, anyone who says that exercise helps period cramps is just a liar. It really doesn't. Definitely not for me anyway. However, going walking or doing something like that really does. It takes your mind off of any uncomfortable aches and pains but also eases your cramps without doing anything too strenuous.
  • Binge Netflix: Standard really. Who doesn't love a good netflix binge? Your period is another good excuse to lounge around catching up on the latest episodes without having the procrastination guilt. A win win in my eyes.
  • Retail Therapy: Your period can really get you down and completely mess up your feelings. Your hormones are all over the place and you're an emotional wreck so why not treat yourself to a shopping spree. Buying new makeup, clothes or shoes is bound to boost your spirits.

Thoughts All Girls Get On When They're On Their Period
(well i hope it's everyone and i'm not weird)

1) Can you actually bleed to death on your period?

2) Omg I've just googled and seen a story of a woman who died on her period, it's gonna happen to me.

3) Yes, I've just eaten a whole bar of galaxy but it's okay because I'm on my period.

4) Why me?

5) Periods are the worst.

6) Boys get it so much easier.

7) If I stand up from this chair I'm sure there will be blood all over it.

8) Can you see my pad through my trousers?

9) Not being funny, we go through this every month just to feel the "joys" of childbirth. It makes no sense.

10) I can't cope with period pain how on earth will I cope with giving birth.

11)  I should probably start marking them on my calendar. I said that every time for the past 4 months but I'll actually do it next time.

12) I wish I was a boy, they're so lucky.

13) Actually no, I definitely don't want to be a boy. Just don't want my period.

14) WHEN WILL THIS BE OVER?! 5 days they said.

I can't stress enough that periods are NOT gross and are NOT inappropriate to talk about.

Liv x


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  2. The end thoughts were so funny liv! I agree though, us girls shouldn't feel so awkward talking about periods xo

    1. I certainly don't feel awkward about it, we should just embrace them and talk about it all xx


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