The Magic Of Autumn

Thursday, 5 October 2017

If you were to ask me what my favourite season was, I wouldn't hesitate saying autumn. I've always loved autumn, long before loving autumn was the big thing, when everyone loved summer the best. I'm all about being cosy and look forward to October, November and December months in advance. The colours, cold weather and halloween! When planning blog post ideas for October I thought this would be a nice addition; a roundup of all the things I love about this highly anticipated time of year. 

1. The Clothes
The baggy knitted jumpers, warm coats and boots. Everything I love about fashion. I'm very much a comfort over style type of person (not always a good thing, I won't lie) so autumn style is my favourite thing. I'm forever on pinterest looking for outfit ideas and scrolling on asos at the cosy looking jumpers. Cute autumn dresses with tights and boots are one of the things I've been eager to wear more of this month. Another thing I'm loving buying is autumnal scarves and bobble hats. Hat weather is back and I'm living for it.

2. The Hot Chocolates
Another autumn comeback that I look forward to. There's just something not right about drinking hot chocolate when it isn't autumn or winter. My love for coffee usually takes a back seat and I always go for the very pretty looking hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows in giant halloween mugs. Delicious.

3. The Scented Candles
I once had a very bad experience with a candle in my room that's left me very weary about burning them in my bedroom. However, when visiting any home section of any shop I always go through the ritual candle smelling. Literally every single one. The cinnamon, pumpkin and sandlewood candles are the nicest. They're usually the ones that actually fill a room with a scent too. They're strong but not too strong.

4. The Leaves
I get ridiculously excited about seeing the golden and red leaves all over the ground. It's actually quite sad. They make for the nicest instagrams, and the crunch sound when you step on them is so satisfying. It's the first sign that autumn is truly upon us and is what makes the whole season so remarkable. There's nothing I love more than walks in the cold but sunny weather when it's crisp and I'm surrounded by piles of leaves and conkers. I'm easily pleased.

5. The Makeup
Any eyeshadow palette with copper/burnt orange/red tones are what I love to use during October. Yes, I colour co-ordinate my eyeshadow colours depending on what time of year it is. Am I the only one? It's true though, autumnal makeup is a thing. I wear a lot more eyeliner during the later months in the year as well purely because I sweat all my makeup off during the summer so can't wear it. I actually love embracing my paleness and using my lightest face products too. Embrace the ghostly look.

6. The Homeware
Is there anything better than getting brand new home bits for absolutely no reason? I think not. Homesense is absolute heaven any time of the year but they are just incredible during October and December. They do all sorts of halloween decorations and home bits and just general autumnal themed homeware. They even do wreaths. Autumnal wreaths. With pinecones and cinnamon sticks. Who would've thought it.

7. The Lush Products
I'm obsessed with lush anyway but there's something just extra magical about the halloween products. The little sparkly pumpkins are my favourites and I can't wait to stock up soon. Lush get really festive for October as well as December and the shop just turns into an absolute paradise. I've seen instagram pictures of a little black cat bath melt so I can't wait to get my hands on it and try it out. I love when they bring out new halloween bath bits as well as the classics. Guaranteed they'll smell amazing.

What do you love most about October?

Liv x


  1. Crunchy leaves, fairy lights and hot chocolates are my favourite things about autumn. I love your list too - it makes me feel so cosy!!

  2. I love Autumn for all of these reasons! I can't wait to stock up on festive candles!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Me too!! I wish Bath&Body Works shipped to the UK, they have the nicest looking festive candles xx

  3. Ahhh scented candles! My absolute favourite at this time of year. x

    Jordan Alice

  4. I love seasonal themed Lush products!!xx

    Lauren /


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