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Friday, 17 November 2017

I wish today's ramble was a post offering some sort of advice and positivity but I think it's likely to turn into an outpouring of thoughts and feelings. But hey, isn't that one of the best things about blogging? Sharing your thoughts with the internet in the hopes of feeling comfort and getting things off your chest is a strange concept but there we are. So here's a little update:

I've been a tad quiet on my blog and social media compared to usual and I'm really missing it. Since September I've felt overwhelmed with the number of things I'm having to juggle at the moment. College life, exams/tests, driving lessons, work, blogging whilst still trying to maintain a social life, quality time with family and time to myself. Although there hasn't been much of that last one lately. Self-care is out of the window. Someone throw me a handbook to life.

Obviously college has been the biggest change for me. I was so used to life out of education for a year that I forgot how difficult spinning numerous plates at one time was. What a terrible analogy. But you get me. Don't get me wrong, taking a year out was undoubtedly the best decision ever and I'm so proud of how I was able to (cue cringe) "work on myself" and getting help for anxiety and depression. But now I'm back in the loop in terms of the education system and my life feels like it's going at 100MPH. There's a lot going on and it's hard to balance it all at once. And as someone who gets quite stressed easily, it's difficult to keep things in perspective and not get too overwhelmed by it all. College was always the goal and was what I was working towards during those 12 months out. At times, it seemed like an impossible idea and that I'd never be in a place where I could actually go there everyday and cope. I really didn't think I'd do it, but I did. And I still am. It was a difficult start and there have been bumps in the road but I expected that and I think I'm managing it well. 

SO, what's the point of this blog post you ask? Well, I don't really know, I'm making it all up as I go along. I'm no expert so I can't sit here and write about how to eradicate stress from your life and get your shit together because it would be majorly hypocritical. I'm often very stressed out about the little things and certainly don't have my shit together. But at 17, does anybody? I'm giving myself until 25 to properly say "I OLIVIA SLACK DOTH HAVE MY SHIT TOGETHER" but for now I think I'll wing it.

There's been a lot of university talk recently which is another thing that worries me so I happily shy away from talking about. I know I want to go to uni but it's such a huge thing and I'm so so so so so indecisive. How can I make such a decision all alone? Yes, it's a year away but a year is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Before I know it I'll be crying into my pigs in blankets at the table on Christmas Day because I can't think of anything nice to say about myself in my personal statement. How am I meant to learn how to "adult" as it were. How am I meant to know which career I'd like to follow for the rest of my life? I'm nearly 18 but still feel like that 9 year old girl who would wet paper towels in the primary school loo and lob them at the ceiling to make them stick. Yes, I was the little shit who would do that just to pass the time.

Blogging has become a slight stress too, but I'm trying my hardest not to let it be one. I've kind of abandoned it and I'm desperate to dust off the old cobwebs and blog more often. I've just had no time to sit and write a post. But I'm determined to get the creative juices flowing and go all out for blogging at christmas. I'm so excited for it. I've got them all planned, half are written but I just need to take photos for them. 

So there's a little update (for anyone who gives a toss lol). Do leave some links to good posts for de-stressing or any resources you use. It would be greatly appreciated. How do you keep level headed during stressful times?

Liv x


  1. You can only do your best lovely, remember that. And honestly, no matter how busy you are, you must take some me time! I hope it gets better for you as time goes on x
    Amber |

  2. This is such a relateable post! I find it so hard to find the perfect balance, as a result my blog has been lower on my list of priorities than I would like nowadays which is so annoying! Good luck with applying to uni too! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. It can be really tough!! Thankyou lovely xx

  3. I'm so proud of you for persevering with college so far even though it has been hard getting back into the swing of things and trying to find the balance, even just by sticking at it, it sounds to me that you're doing great already!xx

    Lauren |

  4. Lovely update! It takes time to get it together and it's never completely it ! So just do your best and enjoy the little things :)


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