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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

I've always had a fascination with taking photographs. It's one of the many reasons why I love blogging so much. Ever since I was a young girl I've loved taking pictures on old cameras and looking through old photo albums in our cupboard. Looking back on the years through the magic of film, polaroid and print just makes me so happy. Even more so nowadays when taking a photo is as easy as grabbing your phone from your pocket. I just love that in the blink of an eye you can capture a moment and keep it forever. Memories frozen in time. Almost like having a never ending time capsule of your life at your fingertips. I myself take too many photos. Literally everyday. Even if I'm just in the house I'll no doubt find something to take a picture of; usually my cat.

As my queen Shane Dawson says; hashtag not spon but I wish it was. I discovered LaLaLab on the Instagram explore page after I was drawn in by a very cool looking photo of a wall completely covered in polaroids. I've always had a plan to go all out pinterest style and decorate my wall with fairy lights and polaroids when I re-do my bedroom. After going through the whole process and loving it, I knew it was something I needed to share on my blog.

Photo printing can be super expensive and so I usually use FreePrints through my phone when I print my basic 6x4 prints but LaLaLab is actually pretty reasonable. I ordered 10 of the mini polaroid prints just to test them out and see how good they were and I was very pleasantly surprised. The ink pay off is spot on and they just feel really high quality. I can't say I was expecting much because the price was so low but I was really happy with how they turned out. They have loads of different printing options too; regular prints in different sizes, square instagram-style prints, vintage polaroids (my faves), photobooks, magnets and framed pictures. All perfect for Christmas/Birthday gift options. It was really easy to work and you can use the app on your phone or website online on your computer which is so continent and fast. The delivery was really quick, which I loved because I'm unbelievably impatient when it comes to ordering online, and they sent me regular emails to let me know about updates.

After buying the prints I was sent an email explaining that I had a referral code. After sceptically looking into it, I see that it's a really good program. It basically means if you buy some prints and use this code at the checkout, you get money off your purchase and at the same time I get a lil percentage of money too. We all win.

Just in case you're interested the code is:


So yes, I'm a complete and utter shutterbug. What a great word. I so wish I could buy a proper DSLR camera and properly develop my photography skills. I've tried saving up but we all know that never works out. ASOS have too many nice clothes and BeautyBay keeps calling my name every month. For now, my trustee little canon powershot will have to suffice. A part of me wishes I'd taken photography A-Level but it doesn't quite match with Biology and Business Studies. It's my absolute favourite hobby though, and I rarely leave the house without my canon at the moment. Not that I go anywhere particularly photogenic, but it's always fun to practise. I'm that friend that will randomly turn a walk or coffee date into a photoshoot by which I constantly point a camera in your face. I don't think it's such a bad thing though. Any setting can be turned into a photo op. My cat Lola knows all too well that taking endless amounts of photos of her is my favourite thing to do. Poor thing can just about take a shit in her litter tray without me trying to get a cute photo of her. I'm telling myself she secretly loves it though. Deep down.

Have you used LaLaLab before? Do you know of any other good photo printing websites/apps?

Liv xx


  1. These looks so so so cute and the way they're packaged is adorable! Thank you for sharing the code x

    Alice // The Rose Glow


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