12 Days Of Slackmas | Lola's Christmas Photoshoot

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

I'm so excited for this post. I've written A LOT of posts for this Slackmas Christmas series thingy (it's a working title) but I've been looking forward to sharing these photos of Lola I took the other day the most. I fully embraced the crazy cat lady I am and went a bit mad by having a Christmas themed photoshoot with her. She loved it, she enjoys being the centre of attention and sees the christmas hat and collar as some sort of game. If you hadn't guessed already, I'm mad and love cats. So here are a load of photos just to prove it:

Do you have any pets? How would they feel about a christmas photoshoot?

Liv x


  1. Waaah these photos are so adorable! She seems so chilled out and calm. I have a dog called Bruce but unfortunately he doesn't really like his photo being taken (and he HATES his Christmas jumper)so I can't get cute images like these. He does have a rather snazzy bow tie that he can be persuaded to wear though so maybe there's hope yet.


    1. Awww that sounds adorable!! A little bow tie!!

  2. This is v cute. My cat looks very similar, I think I might have to have a very last min shoot with her too! Xx


    1. Awww yeh you should, that would be so cute xx


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