12 Days Of Slackmas | A Very Christmassy Q&A

Saturday, 23 December 2017

These are some of my favourite blog posts to read and youtube videos to watch so I had to do one. I don't know whether it's just because I'm nosy but I love reading people's answers and comparing them to mine. As this is my last post as part of Slackmas, I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and say thank you to those who have been reading. It's been such a lovely month of writing these posts and I've really enjoyed uploading so regularly.

What's Your Favourite Christmas Film?
Easy, without a doubt it's got to be The Polar Express. Ever since I was young it's been my absolute favourite and no matter how many times I watch it, it never loses it's magic. I never hear of other people who love this film, it's not the most popular but it definitely should be.

Where Do You Usually Spend The Holiday?
I've never spent Christmas outside of Swansea but we usually stay at home and visit some family throughout the day. I do love the christmas's where you don't leave the house all day though. It makes me feel so cosy.

Do You Open Presents On Christmas Eve?
Never!!! How and why do people do this? It just shouldn't be a thing. The closest thing to this I have is wearing new pyjamas on Christmas Eve but otherwise, I don't understand why people do it. Ruins the suspense if you ask me.

What's Your Favourite Christmas Song?
This is too difficult. One that springs to mind is Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea. What a classic.

Ever Had A White Christmas?
Not that I can remember, but it would be amazing to wake up to snow on Christmas morning. It snowed for like 10 minutes one day last week but it had been raining and I live right by the sea so it never stuck.

Real Or Fake Christmas Tree?
We've always had a fake one but I desperately try to convince my mum to get a real one each year. It never works though. I suppose fake ones are a lot easier (and less messy) but the smell of a real tree is unbeatable.

Do You Have Any Christmas Traditions?
I don't think we have traditions as such but every year we have a french breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolat and orange juice. Although usually, because I'm such a big kid, I'm way too excited to eat. Watching the soap Christmas specials in the evening is a must too. We love a soap in our family.

Where Is Your Dream Place To Spend Christmas?
Definitely Copenhagen. I've always had this obsession with the place since doing a whole project on Denmark in Year 4 of primary school. The pictures I used of snowy Copenhagen are beautiful, all of the buildings look even better than usual. So yeah, quite random but it would be Copenhagen.

What's Your Favourite TV Christmas Special?

Oh easy, Gavin and Stacey every time. I know every single line, something I think is CV worthy.

What's The Best Present You've Ever Recieved?
My Nintendo DS was the probably the best one I've recieved. I remember being so excited putting it on my list and telling everyone about it so I was even more estatic to receive it on the day. My parents completely surprised me too. They told me it was out of stock everywhere so I'd have to have one after Christmas or for my birthday but after opening all of my gifts they brought it in and I was so shocked. Nintendogs was my life. I've still got the DS and I'm so tempted to buy nintendogs from ebay to relive my childhood.

Favourite Part Of A Christmas Dinner?
Oh my gosh, the pigs in blankets. But also the stuffing. Or the yorkshire. And the roasties. Shit, but what about the parsnips?! It's just all delicious, how could I possibly choose?

If You Could Have Any Present, What Would It Be?
A canon DSLR would be the absolute dream present. Or another kitten. Although Lola hates any other cats and goes into full protection mode. If I'm honest though (and I'm not just saying this) I get way more excited to buy and presents for other people.

What's Your Favourite Christmas Drink?
A huge hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. So yummy. Costa's christmas drinks menu has been incredible as always this year. I've been drinking either a mint hot chocolate, billionaire's frostino or gingerbread latte nearly every day.

What Is Your Christmas Tree Colour Scheme?
My mum is the one in charge of decorating the christmas tree (she'll often re-do it the day after me and my brother help) and she picks silver, white and gold purely because it goes with our lounge. She's so funny. If I had my way, it would be a classic red and gold.

I'm not entirely sure when my last post of 2017 will be, possibly New Year's Eve. So again, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and thank you for reading throughout December.

Liv x


  1. Loved this 12day series! Get what you mean about the present giving, I just love seeing peoples reactions!

  2. This was such a lovely post, I loved reading all your answers xx


  3. this was such a lovely post to read, gives me more of an insight into the wonderful mind behind this beautiful blog!! x

    1. Awww that's so lovely!! Thank you gorgeous xx


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