Dry Skin Saviours

Thursday, 25 January 2018

As much as I love Winter, the dry skin situation is taking it's toll. My skin is bone dry and I'm pale and makeup just clings to the dry patches and makes them flake AND IT'S ALL ONE BIG MESS. It's the same every year. If spots weren't bad enough, my face is now like a dried up prune and my lips are so chapped I'm smothering vaseline on them every 2 minutes like there's no tomorrow. Thankfully, I've found some products over the years that help me out a bit. They restore that moisture and healthiness that my skin desperately needs and makes me look a bit more alive. If you read my blog regularly you'll know I suffer with extremely sensitive skin that's highly prone to acne so rest assured that the products mentioned have given me zero reactions or problems.

I know, how could I ever betray my garnier micellar water. I'm a traitor. The only thing is that this one feels a lot more moisturising. If I was using this in the summer I'd go as far to say my face would look greasy but because it's so dry right now, my face absorbs it like mad. It hasn't got a smell which I look for in skincare products and takes my makeup off really well and gives my skin a bit of needed TLC at the same time.

As well as my face, my body feels the effects of the winter weather so suffers a bit too. I get really dry legs which can become really rough if I've shaved my legs. So this is an absolute life saver. Just a few sprays and that's it. No grease or residue and no need to rub it in. I love these sprays but this is by far my favourite scent because it smells so natural. My skin absorbs it so quickly so it makes it so convenient if I'm in a rush trying to get ready after a shower.

These face washes are so amazing for sensitive skin. They're so gentle and give no nasty reactions. It's one of the few face washes I've tried that don't make my skin itchy or red. As well as being really good for sensitive and acne prone skin it's fab for dry skin problems too. I use it everyday and I can confidently say it's changing how my skin feels. It feels so much softer and looks so much healthier. 100% try it if you get reactions to other face washes.

Another one I only really use for my body. It's perfect for dry skin and smells absolutely incredible. Soap and glory is one of my fave brands and I love their body and bath products. This one is like a moisturising lotion so you could either use it in the shower or afterwards. The only thing I would mention is that if you don't like products that are heavily scented then it's not for you. Even though I usually avoid them because of worries they'll irritate my skin, I've had no problems.

And last but not least, my trustee simple moisturiser. I'll never get bored of this one. It's my everyday go-to and I can't see that changing anytime soon. It's one of the best moisturisers I've ever used because it's so soft on the skin. It's not oily or sticky and sinks into the skin really nicely. Perfect as a base for your makeup. Whenever I have no-makeup days I start with applying it in the morning and my skin still feels hydrated hours later so it's got really good longevity.

Do you have any product recommendations for dry skin?

Liv x 


  1. I love the vaseline spray moisturiser, it's so quick and easy to use x


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