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Thursday, 22 February 2018

One of my makeup bag essentials that I couldn't live without is a nude lipstick. I'm usually not very daring when it comes to my makeup to be honest. I love trying out new products/looks but usually stick to my favourite shades/colour schemes. I've got a few different nude lipsticks that I rotate between, most are liquid lipsticks because they're my favourite products in the world. NYX always tick every box for me and they do such a brilliant colour range.

I got this shade quite recently but it quickly became one of my favourites. It's the perfect nude shade. It's got such a creamy formula and it's really long lasting with amazing pigmented colour payoff. Can we just talk about the packaging? The rose gold container is absolutely beautiful and looks exactly like the charlotte tilbury lipsticks which are £20 more.

I'm so obsessed with these NYX creams. They feel so nice on the lips and literally feel like you've not got any product on. It does take a few coats to get the proper colour payoff but once you do this shade is such a pretty pinky nude colour.

I had this for christmas and it's quickly become one of my fave liquid lipsticks. The consistency is so thin meaning you don't even feel like you're wearing anything which is mad because it stays put with such good pigmentation all day. I'm obsessed with the colour too, it's such a nice nude shade that literally goes with any look/outfit. I'm determined to get through all of the shades and test them out because it's one of my favourite lipstick formulas I've tried.

These liquid lipsticks can't be beaten in my eyes. They dry matte without being super dry and flaky and look so pretty on. The colours are soft and subtle but are still really pigmented. They still feel quite creamy when dry. They don't feel sticky but they have a slight creaminess to them. Overall it's just a 10/10 product.

This nude shade is my absolute go to. I wear it most days and it's one of those products that you know works perfectly so you reach for whenever you're in doubt. The colour cinnamon is such a pretty orange toned nude. It's natural but just makes your makeup look really put together.

This is a bit of a golden oldie for me. It's actually one of the first liquid lipsticks I tried. I pinched it off my sister when I stayed over and I just loved the colour. It's such a nice natural nude with a deep pink undertone. You can literally wear it with anything. It's subtle enough to be used as an everyday casual lip but also able to be worn as a more vampy lip too. Love a versatile lippy.

So those are some of my favourite nude lipsticks to wear. Would love to know yours.
Liv x

Shade swatches below from left to right:
Vow, Stockholm, Biscuit, Cinnamon, Push Up.


  1. So many goodies here! I'd love to try those Nip and Fab ones, the only lipstick brands I seem to have are MAC and NYX!xx

    Lucy |

    1. I'm yet to find a nude lippy from mac that I love, need some suggestions!!

  2. omg this is the most satisfying post ever, I'm obsessed with nude lipsticks so this is right up my street. I love NYX lip creams but I'm yet to try the others they sound brilliant though, brilliant post Liv (my bank account wont agree this weekend though lol) xxx

    1. So glad you liked it!! Hahah sorry hun, but it's so worth it xx

  3. These are such beautiful nude lipsticks!

    Candice |

  4. I'm a massive fan of nude lip shades whether its lipstick, liquid lipstick or lip gloss. I'm obsessed with it and I own far too many not that I plan to slow down.

  5. I love nudes and this is such a stunning collection!

    Danielle xx

  6. I tend to stick to nude shades too, they're just great for day to day use. I love the look of the Nip and Fab one, the colour looks stunning! Such a gorgeous collection xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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