Celebrating Girl Power

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Today is international Women's day so as someone who is all about the girl power and  empowering other ladies, I had to do a post. There are many strong women in my life who have most certainly shaped who I am. I've had the best guidance, wisdom and advice from them and have learnt so much that makes me who I am today. So to pay tribute to these wonderful women I wanted to share a few of the best feminine influences in my life:

My Mum
Just the most phenomenal woman there ever was. My mother is one inspirational lady. There aren't enough words to describe how much she means to me. She's my shoulder to cry on, my fashion advisor, my therapist and my teacher all rolled into one. Just a real life wonder woman. She amazes me with how much she manages to do in just a day and how well she manages to keep everything together. We'd all crumble without her. She never complains, even if she's struggling and in pain. Not once would she moan. Instead she'd make sure everyone else is okay first. Supportive isn't the word for her; she stands by every single decision I make and constantly reminds me how much she loves me and how proud she is. There's not anything I couldn't tell her, she's more of a best friend than a mum. 

My Nana Carol
My gran has always been someone I've aspired to be like. I don't think I'll ever meet such a selfless and kind-hearted person. She always goes above and beyond for friends and family and never puts herself before others. She's incredible. From such a young age I've appreciated her kindness and compassion and how she takes such a keen interest in what other people are doing. I could be waffling on about the most boring subject that she has no interest in but she'll take the time to listen and engage in a genuine and heart felt conversation. Nothing is ever forced; I could sit with her for hours just to listen to her anecdotes and precious advice on life.

My Sister
The epitome of a strong independent woman. For the longest time my sister has shown me how hard work and determination pays off and that they're some of the most important qualities a person can have. She graduated with a business degree which just shows that she is one smart lady. I've always secretly looked up to her (even though if I tell her that her ego would inflate through the roof) because I've always seen her as the best role model. She's confident and head strong and constantly works hard to secure a good life for herself. She's not afraid of anything either, always saying yes to the coolest opportunities like travelling and tattoos. I wish I was a bit more like that. We might bicker, and even though we're like chalk and cheese, she's a good egg.

The Girl Gang
My oh my am I surrounded by some of the best gals out there. Friends are some of the most incredible influences for me and I have a good bunch indeed. Laughing until my ribs hurt or having a late night deep conversation about nonsense is what it's all about. And the encouraging words of wisdom we share between eachother is frankly sacred. We uplift eachother and celebrate even the tiniest of successes from day to day. They listen and never judge and are undoubtedly some of the stylish beings I've ever set eyes on. Just love em.

I for one am proud to be a woman. Who are your female role models in your life?

Liv x


  1. Oh liv, this is such a gorgeous post!! Love it! I am sooo proud to be a women, and my role models include many including my mumma and my sister!

    1. Aww thanks lovely! They're some of the most important people xx

  2. This is such a cute post nearly made me cry x


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