Things To Consider If You Have A Sudden Spot Outbreak

Thursday, 15 March 2018

There's nothing more frustrating than having a sudden spot outbreak. One minute all is fine and your face is looking alright for once then BAM out of the blue comes mountainous spots and bumpy red skin. It's so bloody annoying. But often there's a cause and can be resolved. Unless you're prone to a regular flare ups because of hormones, periods or if you have reoccurring acne. Overtime I've struggled with bad spots and acne. I've done so much research into what can provoke an outbreak so I thought I'd share a list with you in case you're wondering why you're suddenly covered in spots.

Have you changed your bedding recently?
Dermatologists recommend we change our pillowcases and bedding every week and even every day in extreme acne cases. If you have a sudden flare up that won't seem to disappear it's a good idea for you to give the bedding a change so you're not constantly sleeping on the bad oils that have transferred onto your pillow.

How old is your makeup?
It's absolutely crucial for you to keep track of the use by dates on makeup products; especially foundations and concealers. They're usually 6-12 months so if you know yours is older than that then throw it and buy a new one. Just think of the bacteria you're spreading from your face back into the bottle overtime. It's bound to cause spots. Grim.

Have you used anything new?
Maybe your clothes are being washed in a new powder which would explain spot outbreaks on the back, shoulders or chest. If you have sensitive skin laundry products might irritate it and cause spots, so stick to what you know doesn't cause issues. You might also be testing a new skincare or makeup product which might not be getting on with your skin. This has happened to me quite often and stopping the use has cleared my spots up quite quickly. It's annoying though because some skin products draw all the crap out first so make things worse before they get better so it's tough to judge, I'd say if after 2 weeks of use you just see further problems stop using it.

When did you clean your makeup brushes last?
If you use makeup brushes for face makeup it's so important to keep them clean. At least weekly, depending on how often you use them. Otherwise the bacteria from your skin and from the makeup is just going to build up and end up being applied to your face. It's one of the most important things to do when it comes to taking care of your skin so make sure you don't leave it too long. I recently got one of those style brush pros and it's changed my life. It cleans them insanely well and dries them too so it's really fast.

Are you stressed?
I always thought this was untrue but stress really does cause spots. When we're stressed apparently we produce hormones which cause your oil glands to produce oils more and more, increasing the risk for bacterial infections to occur in your pores (spots). Mad isn't it? Stress really is the worst. So if you know you're particularly stressed about something then talk it out or do something you know will relax you and take your mind off it.

Liv x


  1. Stress and my monthly visitor plays a huge part in my breakouts or just the odd spot every now and then - Thanks so sharing these tips.

    Candice |

    1. Same here, so damn annoying!! No problem lovely xx

  2. Is it bad that I got jealous of people who get spots?! I've never had them, only one on my nose but that went after a few hours lol xx

    1. Nothing to be jealous of trust me!! Ahaha I'm jealous of you though, would love to never have spots xx

  3. Stress is my worst thing for making me break out x


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