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Friday, 20 April 2018

I FUCKING DID IT. I got on that plane for the first time in my life and I went to Amsterdam. BLOODY AMSTERDAM. As I write this I'm home and on a complete travel buzz. That feeling of craving another trip away, to visit new places and have new experiences. When Jess, Ffi and I first talked about going away I was in love with the idea but never actually thought I'd have the balls to go. I love being home, love my home comforts and rarely enjoy being away from home. As well as that I have major anxiety surrounding travel and it would be my first time on a plane so I really didn't think I'd be brave enough. But I totally was and I adored the whole time I was away. No panic attacks at all (although I did need a diazepam to actually get on the plane) so I'm really proud of myself for going.

If you haven't been to Amsterdam yet you seriously should. It's somewhere I wanted to go for so long and it feels so good to tick it off the bucket list. It was everything I hoped it would be; picture perfect canals and houses, good food and such a positive atmosphere everywhere. Although it's a busy city with lots going on, there's a really chilled and laidback vibe. Everyone is so friendly and it was such an accepting place with so many different types of people around. It really makes Wales and the UK in general look like a pile of shite, not gonna lie. I genuinely felt so comfortable and happy there and can see myself going back there a lot in the future to explore even more. I took an unreal amount of photos while I was there so I thought why not just throw them in a post to show you the best places the dam has to offer. Brace yourselves for a hefty post.....oops.


Roelof Hartstraat 27
If you're like me and LURVVV pizza, then sotto is for you. They have 2 restaurants in Amsterdam but we went to the one in Hartstraat. It was such a cute little candlelit place with a really chilled ambience and, of course, delicious homemade pizza. They have a giant pizza oven so you get proper italian authentic pizzas in minutes. The staff were so lovely too and were so helpful with anything you needed. Halfway through the meal we were joined by a little fur friend, a black cat called Lola. So funny it was called Lola, just like my cat. She was so adorable and roamed around the upstairs of the restaurant with us, it felt like such a homely place. Food in Amsterdam is so expensive but here was actually quite cheap and was great value for money-the pizzas were HUGE.

Johannes Vermeerstraat 40
When looking on instagram for the nicest places to have breakfast and brunch, the corner bakery seemed the most popular. The bakery itself and the design is just so pretty. They do really cool freakshakes which I wish I'd tried but I'm not the biggest fan of donuts (don't shoot me) and wasn't feeling that hungry at the time. I opted for a croissant with jam and a good old latte. Both were delicious. They have quite a lot of seating options which is good. It looks small from the outside but there's seating outside as well as inside and downstairs. Again, the staff were so friendly and chatty. This seems to be a theme throughout Amsterdam, the staff everywhere are just so lovely.

Reestraat 19
I think this was my favourite place to eat. If ever there was an ultimate "instgramable" place, this was it. Everything was just so aesthetically pleasing. The food itself was just gorgeous (you need to try the pancakes, they're like no other pancakes I've ever eaten) and the cafe was so pretty. I also had one of the nicest iced coffees ever.  As well as food and drink, they sell the cutest homeware and stationery too. They're not the cheapest of places to eat and drink but hey ho, that's amsterdam. And can I just say, all the girls working there are literal instagram models!! I couldn't believe the cheekbones and perfect hair. Amazing.

4. Cafe Binnen Buiten
Ruysdaelkade 115
When we were walking around in the sunny canals of amsterdam, we fancied a beer in the sun. We quickly learned that a lot of places weren't open on a Monday afternoon but thankfully we found this place. It was a cute little pub right on the canal so we sat outside with our drinks. It's quite funny in amsterdam bars/pubs because they don't meaure. So when I asked for a bacardi and coke I ended up having half a glass of bacardi with a bottle of coke on the side. So even though it's expensive (€7.10) you definitely get what you pay for.

Amstel 194-196
This was 100% one of my favourite places we went to during the whole trip. The icebar was so cool. You have to pre-book tickets but for what you pay you get 3 free drink tokens and time in the normal bar as well as the ice bar in the back. The staff were so cool and made the whole experience so much fun. There was a pirate theme which I'm not sure was just that night or every night. The temperature was -9.4 and for someone who HATES being cold, it was crazy. I had 2 heinekens in the ice bar in the glasses made out of ice and then had a cocktail in the bar in the front. I loved it so much and bought the professional photos that the photographer took in the ice bar. I look a bit rough in the photo, I'd tried some space cake we got in Paradox in the morning (when in amsterdam and all that.....) and I was feeling a bit happy.


With any trip, where you stay is one of the most important things. When looking which hotel to stay in I wanted to be close to the tram line because it's the quickest and easiest way to get around if you don't want to cycle or drive. We couldn't find any nice looking airbnbs which weren't booked so we went for this hotel instead. It was absolutely lovely. The hotel was in a great location with a tram stop across the road from the entrance and they sold tickets for the tram in the vending machines downstairs. It was €12.50 for 48hrs use which was amazing value considering we used it on average 3 times a day. The room was a triple and considering there were 3 of us in there, it was actually really big. The ensuite was lush which carried on the black marble theme throughout the hotel. It was a really affordable price even though it felt really luxurious. I'd highly recommend it.


Honthorststraat 20
This was by far my favourite place we visited. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Banksy. He's one of my favourite artists of all times and I absolutely adore his work. It's so much more meaningful than some spray paint. So when I found out there was a Banksy and Roy Lichtenstein exhibition on at Moco Museum, I was thrilled. It was such a cool experience and I ended up taking SO MANY photos. It's on until May 25th so if you're going to Amsterdam before then, make sure you check out Moco.

Hobbemastraat 19
This was right outside of the Rijksmuseum in the heart of the Museum Quater and made for some amazing photo ops. There were some lovely girls who kindly ran back and forth trying to get the right angles for us 3 to have a photo on the sign. It was so nice of them. Opposite the sign was a small pond/lake kind of thing where there were so many tulips. The whole area just looked amazing in the sun.

Museumplein 6
I won't lie, this wasn't my fave place we visited but it's one of those things you have to see at least once. It was so busy and for some reason it just seemed really dark and dingy in there so it wasn't as much fun as I expected. Unless you're really interested in Van Gogh and his work/life it's not much of an interactive museum. One thing I found odd was that we were told off for taking photos. Quite rudely too. Even though we googled it beforehand and the official Van Gogh Museum said "Share your photos with us on facebook" and that we were allowed to take "personal photos". So I was quite confused as to why a random American woman started mouthing off to me about her masters degree in art and how I'm ruining the painting by taking a photo. Strange. And a guy who worked there just shouted "NO PHOTOS" which was so funny but so rude too. Other than that, it was quite interesting to see the paintings in real life and I really liked the souvenirs in the gift shop.

Damrak 18
So, this won't be for everyone but we found it hilarious. The experience was absolutely mad though, and quite graphic. I won't post all the photos here because I don't fancy having the photo of me sitting on a giant 6 foot penis chair on my blog. It was only 5 euros to get in which was the cheapest excursion we did during the entire trip. It was funny though so if you're up for a laugh and don't take things too seriously, go for it. There were these moving mannequins throughout and one of which was so scary. It jumps out at you from the dark and turns out to be a naked woman who looks terrifying and has her big belly out. The other mannequins are doing some very rude stuff which I won't go into detail in on here but you've gotta see it to believe it. 

Frans Halsstraat 64
I was desperate to take an instagram here so it was at the top of my list when I was planning where to visit in Amsterdam. It was in De Pijp which is one of the nicest parts of Amsterdam because it's just so picturesque. This bench with the street art is just a short walk from the Museum square but make sure you have a map because we got quite lost quite quickly. When walking around we saw the cutest dog on a doorstep sunbathing. So so adorable. Not to mention all of the beautiful houses around the canal, I'm going to miss those views so much.


Have you ever been to Amsterdam? I'd love some suggestions for next time.

Liv x


  1. YEAH GIRL. well done! and what beautiful pictures you've got to remember your trip by too!

    i bloody loved dam when i went a few years ago, definitely need to do a return trip!

    katie. xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm dying to go back already, such a beautiful place and so much more to see!xx

  2. Seems like you had a great time in Amsterdam.
    I love all the photos!

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

    1. It was incredible, highly recommend anyone going!!xx

  3. Looks unreal, me and my friend are hoping to go to Amsterdam at some point-this post has made me want to go even more! Definitely going to refer back to this post for when we go, looks like you went to some amazing places! xx

    1. Feel free to message me for any questions or other recommendations, we crammed a hell of a lot into the few days!!xx


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