A Lil Stationery Haul

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Naming a post a "haul" always makes me feel like a proper blogger. Something I never really see myself as. I'm a person who blogs, but don't think I'm good enough to be called a blogger. I don't take dreamy flatlay photos or eat avacado so I never consider myself a blogger. But today, I am going full blown blogger mode because I'm doing a HAUL. And not just any haul, a bloody stationery haul. Officially a blogger.

I love stationery. And I loved stationery long before it was trendy for everyone to love stationery. Every August since I was young I'd get so over excited about buying brand new pens and cute notepads and rubbers for school. And I still get extremely excited buying stationery now. Doing my A-Levels means I'm constantly re-purchasing notebooks and colourful pens for revision. One of the few perks of studying is the joy of a trip to Wilko or WHSmith. I love some of the bits you can get on quirky sites online like OH DEER and Amazon. Over the past few months I seem to have accumulated A LOT of stationery bits so I thought I'd show you some of my faves and let you know where you can buy some super cute stationery for yourselves.

Ban.do 2018 Diary
I'm a bit of an organisation freak so anything to do with notebooks/diaries/lists makes me so happy. This planner is so fricken cute I can't believe I've not seen more of this brand before. The layout and design is so pretty not to mention it has bloody stickers. Everyone needs one of these in their life. It's perfect for organising the months and making it less boring in doing so.

Homesense Notes Jotter Pad
I picked this up quite a while ago in homesense because I just couldn't resist the gold font. I know, sad. But it's the small things in life. It's the perfect desk jotter for to-do lists and things to remember. Nothing more satisfying than ticking off a big list of work I need to do.

This is one of my favourite brands ever just because the stationery is so quirky and different. The good thing about this planner is that it can be used all year round because it's dateless but has loads of space for notes and to-do lists. I find it's most useful for ticking off A-level work and jotting down blog post ideas because it's all so organised and neatly set out.

Paper Destiny Journal Volume No.1
This was a gift for my 18th and I'm absolutely obsessed it. It's a blank notebook with an exposed binding which makes me feel like I'm writing my own book. I don't think you could find a gift that's more me. I love the design and colours and it's perfect for blog ideas, making lists and other writing bits. I'd never heard of this brand before but it's right up my street and they have loads of other cute stationery bits that I'll probably end up buying.

Paperchase Postcards
As well as these being cute prints for frames/pinboards, these make for great blog photo props. Paperchase do so many different types of these with the cutest designs but I picked up 3 for my desk in my room. Just makes the workspace look a bit more upbeat and I'm thinking of framing them too.

Stabilo Highlighters
I'm a bit obsessed with these highlighters. I've bought quite a few packs already. I love the packaging as well as the neon colours because they remind me of those old paint tubes you'd use in school. I can't help but highlight absolutely everything when I'm using these though, just because they make my revision pages look so pretty.

Didn't think I'd ever be blogging about pens but hey ho, they're good pens. I'm loving the botanical/leaf print themes going on at the moment so these fit with my desk perfectly. These are part of the Arden Rose range so no wonder they're so adorable. She's one of my favourite youtubers ever.

OHHDEER Leaf Desk Planner
OHHDEER overload I know, but I just love everything on the website. This is the perfect weekly planner for getting shit done and organising your week to make the most of your time. There are so many sheets too so you can plan for weeks and weeks. I'm trying to figure out a way to keep it on my wall just because it would look so cute on my grey walls but I've failed so far.

Liv x


  1. A stationary haul is the best kind of haul! I need to get myself a diary/planner for this year. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

    1. Same here, so sad but I love them! I’ve literally got 3 diaries for this year and idk why I’m never that busy xx

  2. Great post! I am obsessed with my bullet journal and tend to spend way too much money on stationary too :) I didn't know Stabio had highlights (I have their pen set!), and I am totally going to check them out now! Thanks for sharing :)
    -Jenna <3
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake

    1. Yeah they’re the best highlighters! No problem xx

  3. I remember the excitement of buying yourself a new pencil case full of new pens and pencils for the start of the academic year at school. It was truly one of the best things about starting up at school again! You've got yourself some lovely little bits x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It’s so sad but it made me the happiest person ever!! I still continue to buy stationery if I don’t need it though x


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