Tips For Those Under The Weather Days

Friday, 25 May 2018

We all get them. Those UGH days when your head's in the shed and you just can't be asked. I seem to have had a few of those lately but I think a majority of it is down to procrastination and putting off the piles of work I need to get through. Things are busy right now and inbetween A-Levels, working, and driving lessons I don't feel like I get a spare minute. The days when you need just an extra bit of TLC. Whether you're feeling ill, anxious, low or unmotivated these are a few things you can do to pick yourself up. I always try to make the best out of a bad day and feel determined to turn it around as much as I'd rather just stay cosy under a blanket and shut the world out. Of course it's easier said than done but I have a few things I know will lift me and make me feel better. Maybe they'll give you some ideas too.

Have A Bath With All The Trimmings
Isn't a bath just the answer to everything? I'm talking hot bath, bubbles, bath bombs, candles and a face mask. Go wild. Strangely, I find shaving my legs really therapeutic so I'd probably do that too but I know people find it a chore. It's good to have something to focus on too, like a book, because it's so easy for your mind to wander back to worrying and overthinking when you're just sat there having a soak.

For me, baking is a great way to relive stress. Find a recipe you love, blast that mixer on turbo speed and forget all your worries. It's a fab way to distract yourself and fully focus on something positive (plus you get food at the end so why the heck not?)

Get Outside
It's so true what people say, getting out there even if it's a short walk around your area is so good for clearing your head. The beach is where I feel my calmest so anywhere surrounded by waves or greenery is sure to lift you up. Even though I feel like losing my shit when someone says "aw why don't you go for a walk" in an attempt to make me feel better, it's worth it in the end.

Listen To Music
Another great way to release emotion. Music is a powerful thing that I find can really impact my mood. Whether you need to blast some high energy songs to pick you up or play some sad ballads to really fester in the bad mood, music is such a good option.

Talk It Out

It's good to get some perspective from outsiders when you're feeling a bit shit. You need to get it all out of your head and receive some advice from a loved one. My mum is the one I always go to. She always brings me back down to earth when I'm upset, stressed or anxious. A mother's advice is incomparable. But if you can't talk to your Mum, anyone you trust will do. It just feels so nice to have that weight lifted off your shoulders.

What makes you feel better on bad days? I'd love to hear some other ideas.

Liv x


  1. Great tips, especially love the outdoors one, there’s something so therapeutic about nature!:)


  3. These are great for me because I kind of having that UGH moment. Music is always a better option. It lifts up my mood! Thanks for the lovely options :) xx

    Lenne Zulkiflly Blog

    1. Thanks lovely, yeah music is a huge motivator xx

  4. I love having a bath with all of the trimmings, it instantly makes me feel better!

    Danielle xx

  5. Lovely tips! I am actually having one of those days and bought my self one of those new bath bombs from LUSH that turn to jelly! I'm really excited to try it out now haha! The little things eh! xx

    1. Definitely the little things that make a huge difference!! Hope you feel better soon xx

  6. Such an important post! I'm a sucker for baking things to make myself feel better, when really it's the eating at the end of it that makes me feel better lol

    Rachel |

  7. These are such lovely ideas, Liv! A bath is definitely a great way to relax and pamper yourself to feel good again. Baking definitely helps me too. Just not so much the washing up afterwards hahah xx

    Lauren |

    1. Hahah I hate the washing up afterwards too! Such a nightmare xx

  8. I used to really bottle things up but now I find it helpful to talk it out because I like getting someone else's opinion on whatever is on my mind. I find my mind can really twist situations into something they're not.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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