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Sunday, 10 June 2018

I've finally been getting back into reading more recently and over the past few months I've read a few books that I wanted to share with you. It's funny to me that they're all such different books but I'll literally read anything and my taste is so broad from one end of the spectrum to the other. These are perfect books for summer reading and taking on holiday so thought I'd share them with you.

How To Stop Time
by Matt Haig
I think I've mentioned this before but Matt Haig is my favourite author. When I read "Reasons To Stay Alive" I couldn't believe how well written it was and had never connected to a book so much in my life. He writes so honestly and just makes you feel like you're listening to a friend. This was very different to that book obviously, because it's a fiction, but still an amazing bloody book. I won't spoil it but it basically follows a man who has this disease/illness/power whatever you want to call it which means he's been alive for hundreds of years. I just loved the story and the structure of the book makes it so interesting; flipping back and forth from times in the past to his life now. 1000% recommend.

Holding Up The Universe
by Jennifer Niven
I've actually read this before but picked it up again to read a few months ago. I feel like it's going to become one of my comfort books that I can read over and over again and not get bored of. Jennifer Niven is such an amazing author, she's the woman behind one of my favourite books; All The Bright Places. When this came out I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and the story seriously didn't disappoint. It's such a unique story but one of those unpredictable books where two of the most different characters become friends. Like total polar opposites but in a strange way the personalities just compliment each other and work so well. A girl called Libby who was famous for being America's "fattest teen" meets this boy Jack who has a condition called prosopagnosia where he can't recognise people's faces. It probably sounds so random but the story is so fascinating and is a journey to conquer each other's loneliness.

When Breath Becomes Air
by Paul Kalanithi
I remember seeing this at a library when I was staying with my gran and being so drawn to it. Anyone who knows me knows I'm absolutely OBSESSED with grey's anatomy and I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to all things medical/surgery related. Yeah I know, really sad. But one thing that especially interests me is neurosurgery and neurology; which is a reason why I took psychology A-Level. When I found out more about this book and eventually read it, I couldn't quite believe I hadn't heard about Paul Kalanithi before. His story is so incredible. He's a neurosurgeon resident who finds out that he has lung cancer and the book captures his illness and journey asking all of life's big questions. It's one of those reads that puts so much in perspective and I personally think everyone should have this book on their shelves.

Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs
by Henry Caroll
So this is a little bit different to the other books I've mentioned purely because it's not a novel. It's more of a guide to photography. As you might've guessed, taking photos is one of my main passions because I think there's nothing more special than capturing a memory and keeping it. I'm constantly on the lookout for new tips and tricks and ways to improve my photography. I'm no expert, so that's where this book comes in. It's got everything you'd ever need in it for teaching yourself to take amazing pictures without all of the complicated mumbo jumbo that confuses you. There's a bit about photography history in there too which I found most fascinating and seeing photographers from years and years ago and their most famous snapshots.

Small Great Things
by Jodi Picoult
This was recommended to me by a friend who had read it not long before and I'm so glad she told me about it. The story is so moving and takes on difficult subjects such as racism and newborn death in a way I've never seen before. The story surrounds a white supremacist couple who don't want a black midwife caring for their child, even when the baby goes into cardiac arrest and dies. It sounds really heavy and I expected it to be a hard read but it's not at all. Probably not a book that will cheer you up but certainly one that will open your eyes to things that are going on right now.

Have you been reading at all recently? I'd love some more suggestions to put on my reading list.

Liv x


  1. Great post Liv! That photography book looks really intriguing. I have a passion for taking photos too, I recently finished The Creative Photography Handbook by Lee Frost and would highly recommend it for new ideas. Happy reading! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. oh amazing, I'll definitely look into that book thank you!!

  2. These are some great suggestions x

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  3. So many books! I really need to try and dedicate more time to reading!

    Danielle xx

  4. Lovely post! I read Holding Up The Universe last year and loved it. I've read a Jodi Picoult book before and really liked it so I will definitely be looking into that one now. Thanks for the suggestions! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  5. You are such a bookworm babe
    How i wish I could have time reading

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic


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