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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A short while ago, me and the fam went on a little spontaneous drive up to Llandeilo. I'd never been there before but we drove through the little village when we went to Preston last summer. Ever since then I've been really curious to go and have a look around because the colour houses and quaint shops just looked so cute. It's not the biggest place and only has a few shops and things to do but it's a nice place to go for one of those unplanned days out.


Maryellens 139: There aren't many places to sit and have some coffee and cake but I'd highly suggest 139. Everything is homemade and they sell loads of local produce too.

Gin Haus: Walking past here made me really want to go in but we didn't really have the time. The deli sells all sorts of bits to eat as well as homemade gins.

Cawdor: Again, we didn't go in here but it looked so nice from the outside and we'd heard really good things about the food and hotel. Definitely giving it a try next time.


Fields Of Green: The views in llandeilo are absolutely amazing. So much greenery and fields to overlook and make you feel completely chilled out. It's so peaceful.

Colourful Houses: One thing that makes for the best photos is a row of colourful houses. Llandeilo is full of them and just makes the whole area so cute and pretty.

River Tywi: The river tywi runs all the way through Wales but looks especially nice under the big bridge that takes you into llandeilo town.


Peppercorn: This place is such a cute interiors/homeware shop with literally every product imaginable you'd need for your home. I was completely in my element.

Eve's Toyshop: You don't get many toyshops around anymore compared to when I was much younger but this shop is a proper oldschool classic toyshop. So adorable.

Cuckoo's Nest: Another gift/homeware shop which is well worth a visit. They also sell loads of unique stationery bits with lots of homemade creations too.

Have you ever been to llandeilo?

Liv x


  1. It looks like such a stunning place, I would love to visit one day!

    Danielle xx

  2. I have never heard of Llandeilo before but it looks and sounds beautiful from this post! x


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