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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

I'm writing this and I'm seriously feeling the travel blues. I'm usually someone who loves being at home but the more I travel the more I crave visiting new places. I went to London over the weekend which isn't even that far from Swansea but now I can't stop thinking about wanting to go back. After a weekend of visiting family I went to Paris for the first time. It's always been one of those places on the bucket list and as an early teen I was adamant I'd live there because of how amazing it looked there. I love the hustle and bustle even though I'm seriously not used to it where I live but there's just something about Paris which makes the city life less overwhelming.

We went for 3 nights and went on the Eurostar for the first time which was so much less stressful (and way less expensive thank godddd) than flying. I was so excited about spending time there and it seriously didn't disappoint. There's something so calming about the whole environment with the parisian buildings and endless corner coffee shops everywhere. I'm so sad I had to leave. As per usual, I took way too many photos (close to 300 actually whoops) and looked like your typical tourist with my canon round my neck and film camera in my hand. People probably thought I looked like a right bellend but you've gotta embrace the tourist vibe. Thought I'd just put some of my photos on here and talk about the best places to see in Paris, especially if it's your first time there.

One of the most important parts about getting around Paris is the metro and chances are, unless you're a nutter and walk everywhere, you'll definitely get on it. The system can be a bit confusing especially if you need to change like we did but once you do a bit of research before hand and get on it a few times it's fine. They run every few minutes too which is really handy. The metro stations seem to be everywhere too and makes travelling from the different landmarks so easy. I think the best, and most cost effective, way to tackle it is to buy a book of metro tickets. They were about 2 euros per ticket or you could buy a book of 10 for 14 euros. We stayed in a hotel in Malakoff which is a little village on the outskirts of paris so being able to just jump on the metro quickly to get to everything was so good.

Our train got into the Gare Du Nord fairly early so we had time to have a look around the area for a bit before we went to the hotel. I still can't get over how pretty the buildings are and all of the cute bakeries/patisseries that were dotted around were exactly as I'd imagined. Every 2 minutes you'd walk past a souvenir shop or an artwork stand or people playing music which is why I loved just walking around and having a look at everything. One thing I was really surprised at was that Paris wasn't actually that expensive if you planned it right. Compared to Amsterdam it was cheap because food, souvenirs and entry to landmarks were so reasonable. Some of the places we visited like the Louvre and Musee Du Orsay had free entry for UK citizens aged 18-26 which saved so much money.

On the morning of our first full day we headed to the Arc De Triomphe which was obviously one of the must-see paris landmarks. There were so many people crowding around taking photos which made trying to get photos in front of it really embarassing. It's so cool though and seeing as it was 30 degrees all week the photos turned out so good with the blue skies and sun. Literally zero clouds in the sky it was amazing. I'm a bit gutted we didn't go to the top because apparently the views are insane but I'm so scared of heights even looking up at it made me dizzy lol. 

After that we did a bit of shopping and looking around before deciding we wanted to go to the Musee Du Orsay. I'd seen photos on instagram and thought it looked like a cool place to visit. And this gal loves a museum. I don't understand how people can get bored of them they're so much fun to me. The museum was huge though and we didn't really do a proper tour of it just saw the biggest parts of it but it was still worth the trip. 

After that we just chilled outside a corner coffeeshop, took some photos and had a few drinks in the sun I loved it. Paris is actually a really friendly city and everything is just so chilled out and easy going. I definitely want to go back soon, it's so beautiful.

Laudree was one of the prettiest building and shops we went to even though they were expensive af. They sell macarons and other sweet bits and have a little restaurant and champagne lounge which looked nice. After a little mooch around we went to see Moulin Rouge which I was so excited about because it's one of my favourite films ever. It's a funny area with sex shops and strip clubs everywhere and then suddenly there's a starbucks and a nice restaurant.

In the evening then we went to the hard rock cafe, ate the most amazing food ever, drank some cocktails and then went and found an M&S to get food for our eiffel tower picnic the next day. So funny that there was an M&S in Paris right in the middle of all of the french supermarkets and typical french buildings.

The next day we were up early and headed to the Notre Dame. It's the most beautiful cathedral and makes such incredible photos. I wish we'd gone in and seen more but the queue was actually ridiculous. The canal and scenery surrounding the Notre Dame is amazing and looked even more gorgeous considering the weather. Although we were sweating buckets and blisters were invading from all the walking it was well worth the experience.

Then we went on a boat tour which I highly recommend for getting around Paris at the same time as taking in the scenery. We got off at the Eiffel Tower and got our picnic on. After only ever seeing photos all my life it was mad to be right there in front of it, photos do it no justice because it's amazing. We sat right by it and ate croissants and drank wine it was so relaxing.

Later on we stopped at one of the cutest bakeries I'd seen on instagram called Pain Pain. Ended up eating more croissants (oops) and had a lil coffee break before going off to the Louvre. It was one of the things I was most excited about seeing and it ended up being a highlight of the trip for me. The whole building is absolutely stunning but the exhibitions were so cool. They had so many different sections for things like ancient egypt, greece and the renaissance. And obviously, seeing the Mona Lisa was a highlight. I won't lie though, I was kind of excited walking around knowing beyonce and jay z had been there to shoot the Apeshit music video not long ago. Felt so cool lol.

 On our last night we went to the nicest restaurant called Pizza Popolare. We had to queue for 45 minutes down the street because it's such a popular place but it was so worth it. The atmosphere was so cool and the staff were the nicest. The windows were floor to ceiling bottles of alcohol with lights inbetween them which made such a cool effect. A huge woodfired pizza was only 5 euros which I couldn't get my head around because the restaurant was so lovely. 

Our last day consisted of dragging out suitcases around malakoff for a bit before having lunch and going to the station again. I was so sad to leave and coming home to reality felt so shit. I need to go back soon, there are so many other things I need to see. I would've needed another 2 weeks to do Paris properly.

Have you ever been to Paris? I need recommendations for next time.

Liv x


  1. I adore Paris, this is making me want to go back so badly!

    Danielle xx

    1. Every time I look at pictures I just want to go straight back!!

  2. Your pictures of Paris are gorgeous and it sounds like you had an amazing time. I've never been to Paris, but I definitely will be going soon!

    Jodie //

  3. Your photos of Paris are so lovely! And how random to have come across an M&S in the middle of Paris haha x
    Amber |

  4. Looking at all your beautiful pictures makes me want to go back to Paris sooooo bad! p.s I love your spotty wide leg trousers!


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