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Sunday, 7 October 2018

I thought it was about time I did a post about a brand I recently discovered called Younique. The brand mostly sells makeup but they also have skincare products too. I found out about them through my mum after she saw people raving about the products online and after trying them she's joined the presenter team scheme they run. It's amazing because a large amount of profits go towards a foundation which supports and helps women affected by sexual abuse. Their makeup is absolutely incredible; it's all mineral makeup so is full of natural ingredients that are kind to all skin types. They're vegan friendly too and don't test any of their products on animals.


Loose Powder Foundation
The coverage on this powder is insane so you don't even need to use concealer/foundation as a base. It's really long lasting too which isn't common with the powder foundations because they kind of just flake off through the day but this one doesn't and it's really breathable and comfortable to wear. The finish is matte so makes your skin look so even and healthy which is what you want during autumn & winter when your skin needs a bit more of a glow. 

Liquid Foundation
For people who prefer a liquid foundation there's this high coverage base too. I prefer this to the pressed powder purely because I'm so used to blending a liquid foundation with a beauty blender and can't get used to any other way. The coverage is just as good as the powder and is particularly good for acne and scars. Because the makeup is all mineral based, it actually helps your skin as you apply it which is perfect if yours is sensitive like mine.

Skin Perfecting Concealer
This concealer ticks all the boxes for me; high coverage, easy to blend and brightening. I find it really difficult to find a concealer which completely covers acne scars and blemishes but this one really does. I've even seen videos of people covering their tattoos with it which is mad.


Beachfront Bronzer
This looked so nice during the summer months because it has the perfect combination of bronze tones and shimmer to make you glow and look tanned. It makes your skin feel silky smooth too which is something I've not experienced with a bronzer but I love it. It smells lush too which is always a bonus.

A La Mode Creme Highlighting Stick
This is probably my favourite out of all the products which I wasn't expecting. I've never got on well with creme highlighters before but I'm obsessed with this stick. The shade I've got is "Pearly" which is your typical icy shimmer which works on a range of skin tones. It's so long lasting which is unusual for creme highlights so I'm really impressed with it.

Moodstruck Powder Blush
I'm not someone who likes wearing blusher but I'm really loving this colour "Serene" because of how natural it is. Sometimes blusher can make people look ill and I don't know if it's my skin tone but they all turn out red. This one is perfect for me and the formula is so nice. It's a powder but it's really creamy and silky so there's no issue of it looking dry at all.


Splurge Cream Eyeshadow
One thing I've started using and loving is cream eyeshadows because they seem to be way more pigmented. These ones are no different, the pigmentation is so good and they're actually really long lasting. My fave is "Defiant" which is a copper shimmer shade which is perfect for autumn. 

Fillable Eyeshadow Palette
I was so chuffed to find out they did eyeshadow palettes you can fill yourself and personally customise. I think this is such a cool idea so you can choose colours you know you'll definitely use. Of course mine is filled with my typical go-to burnt oranges and coppers. The shadows are so pigmented, especially the shimmery ones, and last all day which is so rare.

3D Fibre Lash Mascara
I'd never tried a mascara like this before but I think the concept is so cool. You basically give yourself more eyelashes using the serum and little fibres. It makes your lashes look so naturally full as if you've had extensions done in a salon. It's such a good alternative if you can't get to grips with applying falsies but you want full and bold eyelashes.


Lucrative Lip Gloss
If you know me you'll know I usually hate lip glosses. Nothing worse than your hair getting stuck to your mouth and the feeling of having tacky lips. The formula of these doesn't do any of that, its more like a smooth consistency than sticky. There's a range of colours too which are actually quite pigmented considering they're only glosses. Definitely give them a try if you're into more natural makeup and don't like wearing bold lips.

Lip Bon Bons
These little lip balms are so cute and make your lips so moisturised. They smell incredible too and you can get tinted ones to give your lips a bit of colour. "Chocolate Truffle" is my fave because it's such a nice soft coral colour and obviously smells like chocolate so who wouldn't love?

Opulence Lipstick
I've been swayed from my usual liquid lipstick choices recently and I've been reaching more for lipsticks (especially these and the mac ones omgggg amazing) just because they're so comfortable to wear. My favourites are of course the nude shades but I'm really loving "Fortunate" which is a red/berry tone which is amazing for autumn wear.

Have you ever used Younique makeup? What are your thoughts?
Liv x


  1. I don't know this brand but the foundation and cream eyeshadow look interesting :)

  2. I have heard about this brand, but never knew whether to actually try and check some of the items out!

    Danielle xx

  3. Oh wow, this was such an in depth look at the brand! I've seen lots of Younique promoters on Facebook, but never really looked into it. It actually sounds really up my street, so I'm going to make an effort and actually check them out, especially the base products x

    Olivia - The Northernist

    1. They’re actually so good, needs more recognition xx


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