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Friday, 8 March 2019

Guess who's back.......back again. Technically I haven't been anywhere but I've definitely abandoned this lil site for a longggggg time. It's been a mad busy few months to be honest. Non stop. Kinda finding it hard to juggle A-Levels, applying for uni, working part-time and trying to have a social life. So that's why I haven't really bothered writing for a while. But now summer's coming up and uni is approaching I reallllly want to get back into this because I've missed taking random pics and writing so bad. 

I was a bit stuck on what to write as my first post back but thought I'd talk about a cool new place I went to in Swansea not long ago. Madu opened in town a few months back and even though I'm not a massive dessert person I was hyped to try this place. Mainly because of the interior to be honest. It reminds me of somewhere in Paris which is really rare in Swansea, it's not usually the place for glam but I guess it's changing.

The inside is honestly so damn cool. It's all new and bright and colourful. The marble floor is obvs one of my fave parts too, just makes everything look so much cooler. I'm loving the hanging lightbulb fittings too it really mixes well with the modern/industrial vibe. One thing that we loved and thought was Insta worthy was the flower wall. The whole wall was covered in flowers and petals and made for a really cool photo. 

Obviously apart from the interior being amazing, the food was equally impressive. The menu is mainly cakes, waffles and pancakes. They have other desserts too but we went straight for the crepes. The milkshakes are lush too and they basically have every flavour you can think of. I highly recommend  the bueno because who doesn't love kinder milkshakes?? We both had the oreo crepes and they were sooooo good. The menu is kinda pricey but I expected that because most dessert places are but I'd defo go again. The place is Turkish so they do loads of different Turkish teas and coffees which I wish I'd tried, they looked so cool.

Bit of a quick one as my first one in ages but I'm going to try and plan some good ones and post a bit more often for sure.
Liv x


  1. This place looks absolutely amazing!

    Danielle xx

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