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Friday, 3 April 2020

I'll keep it real, I lowkey forgot I even owned this website for a bit. Over a year after my last post and sooo much has happened. We're even in a new decade like life is moving fast. And currently in lockdown in the coronavirus pandemic which is driving me crazy so restarting the blog might keep me sane. I was even reading through some of my old posts thinking fuck how am I such a different person compared to even 1 year ago? So much has happened. Like finishing A Levels, been on more nights out than I can remember (thank god i don't remember them all actually) learnt how to drive, had ups and downs (and then more downs) with the love life, made the best friends, travelled a bit and properly just feel like a new person. But in such a positive way, I feel blessed. I need some focus in my life right now though. I dropped out of uni in Jan (oh yeh kinda started and finished uni) and I need to do something productive. I moved to Hertfordshire and started studying but ended up realising I hated the course and it wasn't what I wanted to do at all. So I've come home and I'm waiting til September 2020 to go back. A lot has happened so I thought I'd do a lil year roundup of everything I've been up to over the past year. Kinda sad to be saying bye to 2019 though, especially now 2020 has had the worst start.

As always, January was a little dry and boring. Nothing really happens and the weeks drag out sooo long that the month feels like 3 in 1. One highlight was my besties 18th Birthday. It was the most extravagant glamour masquerade theme and we all dressed up and celebrated. We still laugh at the shit that happened that night and it's been more than a year since. It was the most random eventful night, but they usually are in Swansea. Other than that it was the usual January doom and gloom other than a works do at Turtle Bay which ended in absolute disaster loool. Safe to say we couldn't handle spicy food.

The only thing that really happened in February was my trip to London to watch Amine. If you don't know who he is then your music taste is lacking because he's one of the best rappers and he's so so underrated. We went to the 02 academy in shepherd's bush to see him touring the OnePointFive album (one of my all time faves) and it was one of the best concerts I've been to. For a smaller artist his show was sick and so so worth the £25. My only regret is not copping some of his merch though. Other than that we had our iconic trip to Madu which is actually closed now lol. It really didn't last long.

March was my birthday month which was extremely lowkey last year. I don't even remember what I did to be honest. Went for a bday breakfast and chilled for the rest of the day really. It was when the heatwave was starting though and I remember nobody was free to do anything so I happily took a quiet bday for my 19th. My 20th was actually even worse spending it in quarentine wasn't the best lol. March last year consisted of a lot of beach walks and late night drives around swansea with James, getting some photos for the gram. And a hell of a lot of shifts at work, which I didn't mind.

This was one of the littest months. I surprised James with meet and greet tickets for Stefflon Don (i defo have screenshots of him crying on facetime lol) and it was one of the best highlights of 2019. She was amazing live and had some of the best supporting acts (Russ splash and big tobz were even more peng in real life). The pics we had with steff were actually disgusting but luckily we got a semi decent polaroid as well. I can't wait for her next album and tour, we'll be front row again foooshooo.

This was definitely the month of nights out. I don't know whether my april pay was especially good but I seem to just have endless photos of me out drinking. Not all good nights out though, one of two defo ended in tears but they were iconic nonetheless. Bank holiday brought of of the best nights out. It was also a work collegues birthday and she had a theme of dressing up as your favourite singer from a certain era. My outfit never turned up so I opted for all black but as you can see from the pics we had a Gaga impersonator with 2 outfit changes lol. He fully walked around town and into clubs in a bedsheet too. 

June was the month that summer really started and the day drinking and beach trips began. I also ended up being dragged to Cardiff to watch the spice girls reunion tour. I say dragged because I only knew like 3 songs and wasn't a huge fan of them. I still forced myself to go with my mum and sis and even though the whole thing was a complete shambles it was funny. Also ended up getting a few snaps for the gram so I can't complain. Other than that it was a quiet month finishing up my A Level exams and trying my best to secure my place at uni.


My close friend Nish graduated in July so it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate her success with friends and get some pics of us all dressed up, which we rarely do. We drove down to swansea uni to drop off her cake and get some pics and then me and james went for gins in a new place in town. It was such a cute day and with the sun shining too it felt even more perfect. Can't lie, it properly motivated me to get to uni and made me excited for my own future graduation. The buzz on the day is something else. July was like the beginning of my summer since exams were over so we started going on more road trip adventures and making more plans. We ended up spontaneously going to this flamingo sanctuary  which was kinda dead but we ended up getting some cute photos and funny videos going around this outdoor wildlife centre which was cool. 

This was one of my fave months of the year I reckon, which is strange because I usually hate summer. I'd confirmed my place at uni so it was my last month home before moving to Hertfordshire. We defo made the most of it. One thing was the annual trip down to the Rhossili sunflowers for a photoshoot. It's so peng at sunset and if I had a boo it would be romantic but I have to make do with Fairweather instead and just end up doing photoshoots for his gram lool. One huge thing that made my 2019 was discovering Ru Paul's drag race. I've become a complete super fan so we went to Cardiff to see Yvie Oddly and Plastique Tiara on tour. It was the best night ngl. I'd never been to any kind of event like that but it was literally the most positive and fun time with the nicest people. Defo need more drag shows in 2020. A the end of the month came the time to hand in my notice at work and organise one final swansea night out before I moved to uni. And what a banger of a night. At pre drinks I ended up spewing up the lethal punch bowl contents onto the garden decking. But of course we carried on and ended up going out for more and more drinks and chaos. Definitely one of the best nights out of the year.

Just before I left for uni, we decided for one last adventure to every 5 year olds dream place, folly farm. Me and the gang drove up and spent the day at the zoo and it was the best way to end summer. They've actually got the coolest animals tbf, lions, penguins, zebras and giraffes. I was so so excited for uni but sad asf at the same time to be moving 5 hours away and leaving my friends and fam. We had a big curry meal with the work fam to say bye as well which was so cute. Me and dad drove my little car full of all my stuff up to uni and moved my stuff in. It was the most exciting thing and i was lucky because my dad's bro and wife and kids lived like 20 mins away from me so it was a family home away from home. Even though uni didn't go to plan because I hated the course so much, it was so much fun and I met the best people. And I loved decorating my little uni room so much.


Uni meant that there weren't many photo opportunities tbf so I only really took pics when James came to visit and we went out to places in London. First we went to a pumpkin patch in St Albans then made our way to Enfield to God's Own Junkyard, the neon sign cafe. It's the coolest place and I want to do a whole separate post on it. Then we went into London and did the full tourist shit taking photos and going to museums. The british museum was sick, can't lie i loveeeee a musuem. Would be such a good date idea in my opinion. 

So technically halloween was october but I actually made effort this year and dressed up as a police officer. My attempt at being sexy lol. Safe to say those handcuffs definitely haven't stayed hidden away since. Every halloween makes me think how sick future ones are gonna be when I eventually have babies. I actually can't wait for all of that. For some reason I literally have no other photos from November, and actually can't remember anything exciting happening. I do remember having that really weird flu though because I literally didn't leave my uni room for like a week and was surrounded by tissues, lempsip and olbus oil. Exciting times for reaaaal. Uni was actually just a bizzare experience looking back. I wasn't at herts long but that uni is mad lol. Some of the shit that happened has made some unbelievable stories but I defo met some good people and realised that I loveeee living alone and being self sufficient. Even if I can't really cook a proper meal lol.

I was back home with the fam for christmas in December which was bitter sweet. I missed my uni life so badly and adjusting to life back at home was a bit difficult. I was glad to be home and back with family though. Xmas flew by it was crazy. One minute it was December 1st and the decorations were going up then suddenly winter wonderland was closing and January had started. I went to winter wonderland for the 2nd time in my life and I can honestly say I don't understand the hype. Maybe it's just because the swansea one is shit and im single but I don 't see what everyone loves so much. Plus I'm still angry I paid £6 for a hot chocolate, even now. Also had one of the most eventful nights out of my life lol. Alcohol and confrontation is not a good mix. But still one hell of a funny night. At the end of December I was really struggling with anxiety and depression which really didn't bring 2020 in with the best start. It's mad how mental health is always peaks and troughs. Even 4 years after being diagnosed and in therapy treatment, its always so up and down. But luckily as the months have gone on I've focused more on getting my head sorted and I'm feeling much more settled. 2020 has been a mad one already though. From kobe and pop smoke dying to being in a full quarentine isolation lockdown. It's craziness. 

So that's about it. Still sad that 2019 is over and that 2020 has been a train wreck so far lol. Fingers crossed it gets a bit better.

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  1. Nice to see you back girl! It's always lovely to look back on posts like this in years to come to really remember and reminise in the things that you did!
    Amber |


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