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Thursday, 9 April 2020

A few months back I drove down to Enfield in north london to finally visit God's Own Junkyard. It had been on my travel list in my notes for like 2 years after someone I followed on insta posted a photoshoot. It's basically a vintage neon sign collection in a space where there's also a small bar/cafe. There's a bunch of cool shit in there and it's one of those art places where you could spend hours walking around taking pics because there's so much to look at. The history of the place is pretty cool and the founder Chris Bracey had stories for almost all of the pieces which have connections to famous celebs and films. So after taking a load of photos I thought I'd post them on here too.

Address: Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St, Walthamstow, London E17 9HQ

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  1. This looks insane! Definitely worth a visit, I wish I lived closer to London xx

    Hannah |


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